Thursday, January 31, 2008

This Weekend!!!

I have to admit that I really have no idea what to blog about so I decided I would blog about my upcoming weekend. A friend of mine and I are going to Harrisburg, PA for the Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show. My family owns a guide service in Southeastern Ohio and we are going to the show in PA to promote our business. The show is 9 days and nearly 1million people go through the doors throughout those 9 days. It is a very enjoyable time and if you like people watching, like I do, it is the perfect opportunity to spy on others! Hope ya'll have a great weekend. See ya'll Tuesday.

Working hard for the Money...

I had a very important meeting today with a client that I've been working with for the past couple of months. I had to leave early from the meeting to make sure I had enough time to blog a little and head over to class, but the client was very pleased with the work that my team has done. Its a very satisfying feeling to see your hard work be appreciated, and better yet, get paid for it. I do a lot of web programming and a little design on the side, by the way.

What should i write about.... ME!!

Ohkay so since last class ive been trying to be much more observant about almost everything but i failed. I found that i just got distracted and lost interest. And then i tried to figure out what people did when they were just hanging out... did they act differently or talk differently... but again i lost interest. But during all of this searching and i learned a few things about myself. #1. I am distracted very easily. #2. i tend to sing things when singing is not appropriate... ei. im hungry lets get out of class now! (Art history.. yesterday... much louder than intended.) #3. I like to make lists. I actually knew this one but i figured id explain why i was listing things that none of you prob. care about. lol. Anyway point of this obnoxious rant is that i dont focus well but i think that acting is forcing me to actually pay attention for once. And not sing my thoughts out loud...

Im going to eat breakfast!!!! (song to my roommate)


Tuesday's Class

I enjoyed workin with Gwen on tues, b/c we all kno how creative she is. the exercise were we couldn't use our hand was difficult, especially bc we tried playin twister. the best part was prob tryin to move the watermelon across the room w/out using our hands.

Tuesday's Class

I really loved Tuesday's class! The bobsledding, handsfree ping pong, ect made it a really fun, enjoyable class. This class is definately fun learning! Look forward to Thursday's class.


Taking a walk is probably one of the best things I can do every night before I go to sleep. It gives me a chance to just relax and calm down and focus on the sidewalk or floor ahead rather than all the other stuff. While it has been incredibly cold recently, walks can include around the dorm, through the student center, and some of the other buildings around campus. Its even cooler when it is a warm, clear night and you can see the stars overhead. Sometimes it just takes something like this to slow down and take it all into perspective. I guess it is also cool to format text....

Who knows what

Make love not war, I can dig it
Holding hands & we all shine on
the Aquarian Age propagandists
holding hands as they drop the bomb
Who the fuck do you think you are?
Stabbed in the back
Slipped through the cracks
Dated philosophy for New World Disorder
-Siriun Geometry

Free form blogging is fun. The song this is from "Aquarian Age Propaganda" is one of those subtle social revolution songs. I like it because I suppose it's what I do, though in my own unusual way, a kind of self stylized rebellion. I do basically whatever I want as long as it doesn't hurt other people I should be allowed such a right. This is where a normal social consciousness tries to oppress me. I believe it is morally reprehensible to stagnate a society by taking care of those who have no ability to contribute to that society. Taking care isn't the right word but it's close enough. I have these things in my head which I am forced to contain due to what can only be considered a tyrannical constraint. I figure this is a good point to point out that I'm a Political Science and Philosophy major, it's helps explain some of the balmy thoughts in my head. I bet that's not a way anyone's seen the word used before.


so im pretty stressed out right now...i have a lot of things on my mind and my computer wont work, and has been at IT for over 2 weeks now, SWEET! I was excited the other day when it got rather warm ( sad when 42 degress is warm to us) and then today i felt like my snot was freezing as it came out of my nose as i walked from class to class. So the weather sucks, it needs to get warmer, and school needs to keep goin by fast, and so does bball. We only have 8 games left, and then were done, unless we make playoffs.

p.s. Tomorrow night is pack the the house nite for our games, lots of free stuff gets handed out, if u not into just watching the game, Just come for the free stuff!!


I found it challenging to work with a partner while trying to handle an object. Not only do you have to focus on what you do and where your body is but also what your partner is doing. The audience pays attention to these close details and pick up on everything. Any small error can make your act seem unbelievable.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Spring Semester

Is it just me, or is the Spring Semester going by much quicker than the Fall Semester? I can't believe that we are already half way through the third week of the semester. Then, we have spring break and easter break which will make time go by even quicker. That means that the warm weather is going to be here soon! Thank goodness because it was so cold outside that my face hurt.

Closeness of Class

Since we didn't have a specific topic to write about for this blog I figured I would write about my fellow classmates. Coming into this class I only knew a few people in it. The first week was a little awkward for me since I didn't really know anyone and I felt like an idiot during our exercises, but now that we have been in class longer and had some one on one activities I am much more comfortable with everyone and I actually enjoy the exercises and I don't feel like i'm just making an idiot of myself

removing the bubble

So I guess I am going to be fairly serious in this post. I have noticed that as the past couple of weeks have progressed, I have been forced to get away from my usual comfort zone and this has helped me to break out of my bubble so to speak. I am in most instances a very quiet and reserved person, who usually finds it difficult to open up to people I don't know well. But I think because i am forced to move outside my comfort zone within this class, I am finding it easier to be a little more outgoing.

"Cult" Sport

Don't let that scarey sounding title scare you off just yet. Hopefully, you all have heard of powerlifting. Well, typically it is referred to as a "cult" sport. I really don't know why though? Anyways, I think powerlifting and I are similar in nature. In a wide spectrum, people have not heard of or are fimiliar with that way of life. People don't care to take the time to understand or expirence what it is really about. Even though there is a stereotype associated with the sport, it is most likely nothing like you would expect. Some sports are for everyone, powerlifting is not one of them. This is because it takes dedication and some hard work to get things to go right, and you don't depend on a team for the win because it is on you. With powerlifting you have good and bad days, achievements and let-downs, blood and tears, expenses, a full time commitment, a fast growing support system, almost certain stress and anxiety, and a burning passion to always want more. Literally, powerlifting and I are not the same. I'm not heard of, I can be misunderstood easily, I've always been stereotyped, my personality isn't for everyone, I take some work to be gotten used to, and I am spontaneous and unpridictable. Most of this probably didn't make sense, but was it meant to?

opening my eyes

So this morning I was thinking about what I should write my blog about and I realized something. When walked into class on the first day I looked around at all the students and could honestly say I didn't know anyone. I hadn't really remembered seeing anyone around campus or anything. Since then I now see many of my classmates around campus, mainly in convo. Anyways my point is that I am sure I have seen these people before, but I never really opened my eyes and payed attention to my surroudings. Sometimes I think that I need to just slow down and take everything in because I am moving too fast. I am glad that I have gotten to meet new faces in this class that I may have never gotten to know before.

IDK what to write about.... hmmmm.....

Its weird, I sometimes hate being told what to write about because the topic given is so unrelated to anything im interested in or something of that nature. So I was excited when he told us that we could write about whatever we want.. and guess what… I cant think of anything to talk about lol ok so I have a track meet this weekend at Akron and in kinda nervous. I have never thrown in this facility before and I hate when that happens but that could be a good thing .. going in with a fresh slate.. yeah it better be a good thing lol.. so that’s all I got .. sorry lol.. see you in class tomorrow =)

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Though I had a bit of a rough time getting into the class last Thursday, I found that once I got in, (thanks Patti A&H Admin Assistant), the calss was in the middle of a mirror exercise. I didn't think much of it then, but later on I found myself talking about the experience with some friends, and immediately we found ourselves doing the exercise. It happened in two completely separate cases. Weird I know, but nonetheless, I noticed that a lot of day to day interaction revolves around some of the same principles of the tug-a-war scenario. Hand someone a piece of paper and almost without thinking they reach out and grab it.


I like my title. It's not a real word in the sense of how real a word can be. But that's beside the point yet then I don't really have a point yet so I think that it so much isn't. I'll make that my point. Why do we do the things in class that we do.(that's a horrible sentence) What is the point of some of the things we do? I don't think I actually want an answer, I think I just want to make sure the dilemma is known. Like walking in a circle. I don't really know what the exact point of it is I suppose. The tah-tey(this is just how I imagined the words in my head) exercise is supposed to get us to react to others and others of the random things we do are to get us comfortable to do a what could be called silly actions, acting out tug of war and it's ilk. Saying utterly nonsensical things I believe is part of the latter, though it may have had some other purpose as well. I'm not really sure where this is going anymore. Though i suppose it was never really going anywhere(ah the wonders of the English language) but that is what probably what ends up when I have no basis for writing.

Mirrior Exercise

the mirrior image exercise on thursday was really fun. it was quite difficult at first when workin one on one w/ a partner but then when we did the group activity, i felt the difficulty level was a lot easier and really fun. my favorite was when a couple of us were passing the soccer ball around and juggling it, it really felt as if we were really doin it bc each of our timing was on and it seemed as if we really could see the ball.

Monday, January 28, 2008


Tonight, I played on the intramural basketball league in the Rec Center. Although we lost, I still had a lot of fun. I have always been a basketball cheerleader, and it was different to be on the other side. I did not realize how much running and coordination is involved in a game. I had fun and cant wait to play again. Hopefully I will be able to improve a little before the next game.

Thursday's Class

Ok...I absolutely loved Thursday's class! The mirror exercise forced me to focus on the task at hand. I really enjoyed the exercise in which one person started the action and the rest inserted actions when they felt like it. The exercise was fun but was still a learning experiance. Can't wait to see everyone in class tomorrow!!!


Class was cool on thursday but challenging at the same time. It was hard to react to your partners motions and then move accordingly to sell the act to the audience. The mirror exercise was kind of awkward due to the fact that you had to deeply stare into your partners eyes which got uncomfortable at times. However, both were fun and challenged us to interact and adapt to your partners movements.
For this blog we were allowed to write about anything so i decided to write about my weekend. This weekend was a lot of fun. My friend, roommate, and I went to a the christian concert that was in A&H on Friday and after that my roommate and I played Halo 2 all night. On Saturday My girlfriend came down to Ashland to spend the day with me. After she left i went and walked and talked with one of my friends all night until 8:30 am. On Sunday I slept until 4 in the afternoon and then worked on some homework for the rest of the day. Overall it was a great weekend but tiring after only getting around 12 hours of sleep in three days.

have no clue what went on in class lol

Alright, well i have to say that i have absolutely NO idea what went on in class on Thursday, but its sure does sounds interesting. Im very upset that i missed it. SOunds like i have a lot of catching up to do. :( Hopefully we will do some fun exercised like the tug of war, and mirror thing that i read about from other peoples posts. I will see all you guys tomorrow, and i Hope you didnt forget about me :)

P.S. We went to the north and came back 2-0!
The tug of war exercise we did in class was very interesting. There were so many things that you had to watch out for. First you had to watch your partner and moved with him or her, then you had to pay attention to the height of the rope then there was the size of the rope .and you had to make sure that the rope didn’t get longer. And on top of all that you had to prove to the audience that there really was a rope there..CRAZY!!! lol… I found out that you really have to trust your partner and sometimes its hard when you really don’t know the person, but its comforting to know that they have no idea what really to do either so you just kinda go with the flow. And I still feel really bad about saying “that wasn’t very good” to that one group.. I am so sorry I was not thinking at all but if you knew me you would know that I don’t think that often lol ..right Kevin lol ..well I will see you guy Tuesday !!! hope you had a great weekend!!!!


So I really enjoyed the last exercise that we did in class with one person starting out and others just joining in whenever they felt so inclined to join. I thought it was interesting how we could all start out doing one thing but then when one person joins in the entire scene can change but still work. Like when I started "doing my homework" others joined in doing the same thing but once someone came in and started walking around like a teacher it went from being a library typ setting to a classroom and it all worked together. I just found that to be the most interesting thing about that exercise.


This class is much more fun that people had originally informed me. Its a pretty interesting shift going from speaking to present something (as is the norm for business presentations) to using whatever is around you to illustrate a scene. Its also cool to just pay attention to some things that are hard to pick up when you are moving through life at 100 mph.

Thursdays class

I thought the mirror exercise was really cool! I was pretty comfortable making eye contact with my partner but I can see how for some people that would be very nerve racking. The exercise forced us to really pay attention and work together with someone we might not even know very well. I think it's crazy how comfortable we all seem to be getting with each other so quickly! I'm curious to see what new things we will be doing in the future!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

working together

First I want to say that I really enjoyed Thursday's class. It was fun to see people really working with and reacting to those around them. As a group, we are starting to become much more comfortable with each other. In the final exercise we did, people really started to be creative and mold what was going on into something bigger. From what I can tell, this should be a fun and interesting semester!


One thing that I have kind of noticed is people's acceptance of others. Every Tuesday and Thursday when I go to acting class everyone in there accepts everyone and works together. It seems that since that situation is away from the rest of the world's judgement that it is ok to converse and work with one another. You feel comfortable around those people on "stage" but as soon as we walk out eveyone is on their phones or going in their own directions. I've run into my classmates throughout campus and say hello but it seems to make some people uncomfortable, like I shouldn't be talking to them outside of the acting element. What makes it so difficult to treat someone the same no matter who is around or where you are at? I'm sure that I am just as guilty of passing judgement as the next person, but no one ever gave me that right to judge someone. If life were like the movies then the good guy would always get the girl, the bad guy always got what they deserved, and everything worked out to be happily ever after. That just sounds crazy and maybe even to mundame, but it would be a nice change of pace...

Friday, January 25, 2008

what was the assignment for Thursday?

Could someone please let me know what the assignment was for Thursday in class, I am still in Michigan for basketball and I want to complete it for Tuesday! Thanks :)

what was the assignment for Thursday?`

Could someone please let me know what the assignment was for Thursday so that I can get it done for next Tuesday. I am still on the raod for Basketball and will not be back until Sunday! Thanks :)

Thursday, January 24, 2008

picky eater

I realized that I tend to be a very picky eater, according to other people. I like everything plain or with cheese and ketchup. I do not like mustard, mayonaise, pickles, tomatoes, lettuce, onion, nothing! So when I ate my cheeseburger with only ketchup for lunch the other day, i noticed that everyone else had all the toppings and condiments to go along with it. Not me, i was perfectly content just eating my plain old cheeseburger, and waffle fries with cheese and bacon bits. I also noticed that all I usually drink in powerade or water. Mainly because im an athlete, and I dont drink pop. I also noticed that with every meal no matter what , i always get a small bowl of cottage cheese and I put salt and pepper on it. I love cottage cheese :) But I have to say that I miss convo already and its only been 2 days! Bein up here in the U.P. (upper pennisula) in Michigan its negative 7 and they have about 3 to 4 feet of snow! Wonder how good old Ashland is doin?

P.S. We had a game tonite vs Michigan Tech, and they have never lost on the their home floor, and were ranked 19th in the NATION, and well WE BEAT THEM!!!! Just in case you were all wondering how we did! :) Now hopefully we can go down to Lake Superior State and beat them too, and come back to Atown with 2 W's!!!


So today i noticed how much someones actions affect someone else. We tend to imitate each other and change our actions due to what everyone else is doing. Its like this elevator trick i heard of once... its not really a trick more of an experiment slash story. These people got onto an elevator that two other people were already on. When they got situated they stood facing the wall, no the doors like most people do. The other two people then turn around and face the wall themselves. When people come onto the elevator they do the same thing. Its almost like it scares us to be different... okay i guess that's not an Epiphany that's just our tendencies. Like in the exorcise today we mirrored each other yet changed our actions if the other person changes theirs...

We're all followers. Mirroring each other everyday. Crazy.

ps. Racecar is the same forwards and is its a mirror.

Yummy Yummy

My roommate and I normally eat dinner together. Neither of us like convo very much because its always so crowded and we have other stuff to do than sit and eat. We're big snackers... anyway, On Tuesday night i payed attention to what i was eating and i realized that i hardly enjoy a thing. I was just racing to get everything finished that i didnt even really appreciate the food. So in acting and in life i must sloooooooow down!


I had a pepper jack grilled cheese sandwich yesterday and while the pepper jack make the simple sandwich a bit more interesting, I found that I didn't eat it with both hands but only one. In fact I also noticed that I tend to eat with my left hand and often used my right to chug down some water. I liked the spice of the sandwich, and though it was a little slick from the butter I used to cook it I really didn't use my napkin all that much. I think a lot of it has to do with the location and nature of the meal. At least I'd like to think that I'm a bit better mannered when I go out to eat.
I have to admit, Tuesday's class was very tough for me. I have never actually sat down and pretended to eat a meal. As we progressed I did get the hang of it but it wasnt easy for me! Those pancakes we were eating got more and more realistic as we went on an by the time my group was done, my stomach was grumbling!!!


I chose to pay attention to a breakfast I ate one morning. I realized that I was methodical and consistant in how I ate my food. I would go from one item to the other and not start a new one without finishing an old one. I did not start drinking milk or orange juice until I finished all of my food. When I ate a bowl of mandarin oranges, I used a fork instead of a spoon. I usually wiped my mouth with a napkin after about every other bite.

Food Watch

Today when i was at lunch i realized that i like to use my silverware as much as possible because i dont like to get my hands messy and when i would put down my silverware to get a drink i always wipe my hands and face off with a different napkin each time, i prob went thru at least 10-15 napkins lol. i also found myself trying to finish everything that was on my tray even when i was full.. oops haha


I noticed that when I eat food, I do not like my food to touch, so I make sure everything is seperated before I begin to eat. I also tend to eat with my fingers more than I should. I break things up rather than cut them. I also use a lot of napkins because I do not like to be messy.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I noticed that when i eat i tend to use my hands more than i should. Most things people eat with forks and knives i tend to pick up and eat. For example, tonight in upper convo i noticed that most of my friends at the table had small food items such as calamari or chicken nuggets. They were all still ate using their forks whereas i picked up the food directly and ate it.


I observed myself eating ramen noodles. I noticed that switch from eating with a fork and sipping it like a drink. I also like to dip the end of the fork in hot sauce and then into the ramen noodles. I also periodically picked up the can of vault that I had to drink. When I was done with the noodles I sipped up the rest of the broth. It was very good.


I observed myself eating when I went to lunch in convo. I got my food and whatever seemed best. I noticed I pretty much always get the same drinks choc. milk, powerade, and vault. I drank all my chocolate milk pretty much as soon as I sat down while I drank the others as I went along. I also cleaned my mouth wiht a napkin after i took drinks. I used my right hand to pickup food with my fork but while I was cutting I used my left hand to hold my food with the fork. I eat eclectically switching what I ate as I went. I pretty much finished everything that I got except for a little bit of chicken.

Eating Observation

During my eating observation I paid attention only to how I ate. I found that I am very deliberate and polite when I eat. Someone in class made the comment that I seemed too polite to be eating corn on the cob when we did the eating exercise, but I have found that this is really how I eat. I am going to attribute this slow, precise eating to the fact that I am kind of a klutz, so I try my best to avoid getting food all over myself. I'm also very particular about people looking at me while I'm eating, because it kind of bothers me. When I eat, I always finish one thing before I move on to another, so if I have a bowl of cereal and toast, I won't touch the toast until I have finished my cereal. Also, if I am eating a piece of bread, or a sandwich, I will pull pieces off and eat them, rather than taking a bite from the whole thing. I never really thought about how prim and proper I probably look while eating sometimes.

Food Watch

So while I was sitting in Convo yesterday and today I watched the people around me eat while paying attention to myself as well. I noticed that with other people some would have a lot of food on their tray but would eat very little of it. Others would only have a little bit but would eat all of it. As far as my eating habits go I found that when I eat in Convo I do the same thing almost everytime. I always get 2 drinks and I always drink out of one and then the other off and on, I never finish a full one before at least starting the other. I also always get a knife, fork and spoon even if I'm only eating cereal. I also noticed that everyone has a different way of eating food. Some of my friends are loud eaters and others are quiet. It was amazing to see just how different everyone eats. No matter how alike two people may seem they still eat differently.

Food watchers

Hey everyone! I eat breakfast, lunch and diner everyday. I have a scoop of egg whites, and a scoop of regular eggs scrambled with a banana a glass of orange juice and a glass of water. Being on the track team we all pretty much eat something like that, eggs and fruit for breakfast. For lunch we all have chicken breast, well all take off the skin of the chicken and then take the chicken off the bone and dip it in some sort off sauce like BBQ or honey mustard or hot sauce. Then we all have milk and water and few people have pop but not too many. For dinner since we all just got done lifting its protein and as much as possible lol and carbs of course. Then we all usually go to the fat bar and see who can make the best ice cream desert combination. That’s just something we throwers do lol. I notice that I wipe my hands off a lot when I am eating so I go through a lot of napkins. I notice that I always get chocolate milk, regular milk and a glass of water for lunch and diner, I also noticed that when no one is sitting next to me that ill put my leg up on the empty chair beside me when im eating. I noticed that when we have all the chicken off the bone we place the bone on the tray to get it out of our way, almost all the throwers do that .I also noticed that I eat a lot and I think I need to tone it a down a bit lol.

eating observation

Today during lunch I payed close attention to what I was doing. After I got my food and sat at the table I got my spooon from my napkin. I had soup and I realized that I would blow on the soup in my spoon before I ate it. When I tasted it I really thought about all the different flavors. I was very hungry so I ate pretty fast. When I wanted a drink I would sit my spoon in my soup bowel and reach for my drink. I realized that I drink quite a few times while I am eating. I think that paying attention to little details when you eat or any other daily thing that a person does would help them become a better actor. If you know what you are doing then it will be much more believeable

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Eating Observations

Hey there all. I really enjoyed doing the eating exercises or skits today in class. You can't really go wrong with food! haha Anyways, I observed how I ate, and how those around me ate their lunch. I already knid of knew this, but I don't tend to deviate from what I eat very often. The first meal of the day I get egg whites, carbs, and some protein. Lunch I usually eat chicken breasts and rice (if it is there) along with a vegtable or other conscious side. Dinner is just about like lunch, but I am willing to eat more red meat main dishes I guess. So about my lunch, I kind of eat all of one thing before starting in on the next thing. I don't really put in any thought, I just eat. I noticed the people around me kind of don't put alot of thought into what or how they are eating. Most of it is whatever looks good or sounds tasty. Really I didn't notice any one seperating their foods as far as the order they ate them either. It definately didn't look as dry and methodical as we made it in class!

First class/Watching

The first class gave me an idea of what this class is all about. I am ready for anything, and cant wait to see whats in store for later. Sadly enough, I am behind on blogging which upsets me. For some reason I could not access it but now I can am I am happy about that :) I cant wait to get to know everyone in the class more.

For the watching assignment, I chose to watch people in the Rec Center. I sat in the lobby downstairs by the pool tables, and the ping pong tables. There were a lot of people playing basketball, and a lot of people working out. There were a few playing pool or ping pong, and there was a family there that was playing Wii. There were a small group of people scattered throughout the pool and hottub, and then some people alone just watching tv in different locations.

I am rather upset that I will be missing class this Thursday due to basketball. I will probably blog if there is computers that I will have access to on the road. I want to stay updated with what we are doing in class. Im sure it will be interesting.

p.s. if you guys think its cold here in Ashland, just imagine how cold I'm going to be in the Upper Pennisula in MICHIGAN!


This morning I was laying in bed, since I woke up before my alarm went off. I layed there and listened to the wind outside, and the trees hitting up against the side of the building. I heard car doors open and shut, and people talking. I also heard the sound of cars pulling in and driving off. There were some people walking in the hallways, but not many. In my room I heard the sound of the showers running and the toilets flushing. I could hear the humming sound of the heater and clicking of it from time to time. I heard my friend snoring too. Then I finally heard the sound of my alarm go off, which made me realize it was time to go to basketball practice.....I was NOT happy to hear that!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Listening in the house

It was about 3am in the morning when I decided to listen to events conspiring at the house. I heard people walking around above me in the hallway with music playing the whole while. Then someone stumbling in the front door and pounding/knocking on the first door and then yelling some nonsensical things. I heard the whirring of the computer room fan; I have no idea why it’s on in this frigid weather. Someone took a shower. A few more inebriated people came back laughing until someone yelled at them to shut up. Someone yelled repeatedly above me for no reason. Then they stomped on the floor for some reason.


On the way home from my track meet i was on the bus and just sat and listened everything. I mostly heard conversations. I heard a dude next to me giving advice to a girl who was complaining about her boyfriend and the advice he was giving was hilarious. I also heard people rapping in the back of the bus which was painful to hear. The sound of other cars zipping by our slow bus was audible as well. I could also hear the low sound of music coming from headphones that were being blasted way too loud.
Hey friends.

I woke up this morning... partly because i was so groggy and partly because my roommate was gone for the weekend and i had nothing else to do, I decided to do the listening activity. As i sat on my bed I could hear cars going by Kem. Quickly at first but then slowing down as they approached the lights. I could hear cars driving through the Burger King drivethru. I heard the girls next door opening and closing their doors. The volume of their laughter increased and suddenly decreased as the doors closed. My friend was in my room working on an art project and i could hear him scraping away at the linoleum block breathing steadily in and out while concentrating on the piece. I could also hear the constant hum of my fan and the whistle that it made if something got stuck on the blades. It was actually quite calming.



I went to the Mansfield Mall today and while I was there, I sat down on a bench to listen. I heard the sales people at the phone booth in the middle of the mall talking to customers. I heard many cell phones ringing. I also heard music coming out of some of the nearby stores. Most of the groups of people walking by were talking to eachother or were on their cell phones. There were so many sounds going on at one time, it sounded like a blur at times.


As for just sitting around and listening, I chose convo as a place to do this. Naturally when you go in there to eat at a busy time there is a commotion as the loud crowd lines up to get food. I heard chairs moving, eating utensils hitting plates, glasses clanking. Sometimes you could hear the food sizzling if you were close enough to whatever was being prepared. Once an awhile a unique laugh would rise out of the continuous drone and catch my attention. The register would beep to acknowledge that someone has used a meal plan, and if they were running low it would beep a few more times.

Sunday, January 20, 2008


For this assignment I sat in my room while I several friends over and I heard many interesting things. One of my roommates is listening to some pop music. My other roommate is complaining about his computer and how its not working how he wants. I also heard my friends tring to order pizza over the phone. I could also hear the tv. Its interesting to actually pay attention to all the sounds that are around you.


For the listening assignment I just sat in my dorm room and listened to what was going on not only within the room, but also in the hallway and outside. From outside I could hear cars as they drove by. In the hallway, I could hear doors opening and closing and footsteps moving towards the end of the hall. I could hear music playing in the room next to mine, and girls laughing across the hall. Within the room, I could hear the buzz of the filter on my roommates aquarium and pepole moving around in the room above mine.


For this listening exercise I sat in the rec center. I was in the area where the equipment is for working out and I heard many different things around me. I was able to hear some peoples music that was playing through their headphones, people walking, runners on treadmills, machines klinking together, heavy breathing, and talking. I never really realized all the sounds I drowned out throughout my day.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Listening Exercise

As well as my 10 min observing my surroundings with my eyes, i did my listening activity in convo. I heard a LOT of talking of course, but i also heard someone tapping their cup, trays htting the tables when people sat down, chairs sliding in and out, cars outside, music, laughing, jackets bein takin off and on, silverware hitting the table, and phones viberating or going off.


So for our listening exercise i decided to sit in convo and listen to the people around me and see what I heard. Aside from hearing people eat and the moving of trays and chairs it was very interesting. I was sitting in the middle of one of the long tables and on one side of me there was a conversation about political platforms that changed quite suddenly to space and theories like the big bang theory. On the other side of me there was a conversation about feminism and one of my friends going on a rant about that. So it was very interesting to look to either side of me and hear two completely different conversations going on at the same time at the same table.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Can you hear what i hear?

I did my listening exercise in the field house before practice started. As I was sitting there I heard, people putting their bags down, them talking about their day, coach giving someone advice on their throwing form, runners running on the track, the toilet flushing, the shots dropping to the ground, jumpers landing in the high jump pit, the air system working, the cars outside, the sweaky shoes of the people walking on the linoleum in the hallway, the garage door opening on the other side of the field house, the shot putts hitting the standards, pole-vaulter’s poles hitting the ground, wow that is a lot lol.


Once again i was at work and decided to listen to all the different ringing, people talking on the phone, coolers running, microwave running, toilets flushing, cars starting, pizza getting cut, boxes folding, the jukebox, dishes being done, its amazing all the things you can hear at a pizza shop!

Listen here...

After our second acting class, I visited Tuffy's smoothie bar to just sit and listen. While listening, I heard many different sounds such as people talking, the blenders making smoothies, the hum of the refridgerators, the bouncing of the basketballs on teh court below, and footsteps just to name a few. I have become immune to many of these sounds but just focusing on listening made me realize that. Look forward to the next class!

Listening In

So I sat in my room at the Phi Delt house. The thing is almost any time of day in about any room you can hear LOTS of things! As I was sitting I heard cars driving by outside, different types of music playing throughout the halls, XBOX playing, shower running, toliet flushing, water fountain turning on and off, people walking by, my computer running, doors open and closing, talking, laughing, and yeling. Most of these things I have become immune to I guess so I tend to drown them out. It was nice to just sit back and hear what was going on for once...

First Class

After leaving the first class, I went to the education building for a later class. After sitting in the lobby observing the people walking by, it is clear to me that many of the education majors talk mostly about education. What a shock!

I really enjoyed the first class and look forward to the class today!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

First off I'm excited to see what we as a class and I can accomplish in this class. It seems like it is going to be fun. This is the first blog post that I have ever done so I A) Hope I'm doing this right. B) Hope It posts correctly. (I cant figure out how to get a new paragraph but o well) Anywho for the assignment i sat in the Kilhefner lobby after one of my classes. It was kinda interesting to watch as some students rushed out of the building most likely because they are late for there next class. Some people also meandered into the building after having an earlier class. Is it just me or do other people feel like they are being a little like a stalker doing this assignment?

I got a feeling somebody's watching me...

Hey Friends.
My excitement for this class cannot fit into a couple of sentences. I have this thing where i need to be the center of attention so acting has always been a favorite of mine... as good or bad as i may be.
Unlike most people i didnt sit in convo and watch people. Im one of those who eat and leave without hanging out. However i did come to class early to see how people interact on the first day of class. Slowly people wandered in, searching for familiar faces without appearing to eager or nervous. For a while it was just one other person and myself... the most awkward moment of the year thus far. We just sat trying not to make eye contact but see if we knew one another. Little by little more people came and did the same thing. Heads down. Eyes on their shoes. Then acquaintances and friends would join their peers and would leave a sad few by themselves. It was funny how the ones left kinda formed an instant friendship. Anyway, im getting to detailed. First day survival skills are a must.

People watching in Convo

After the first class, I am excited to see what the rest of the semester brings. I decided to watch people in convo. The cheeseburgers were very popular at lunchtime. I noticed that people do not really sit around after they are done eating, but leave right away. I noticed that some people are very interested with the new televisions in the building, but some people do not pay attention to them at all. It was interesting to see the way that different people seem to notice things while others don't.

1st Class & Observation

The first class session today gave me some insight on how its going to be there for the rest of the semester, and I am looking forward to it. I really think it was critical that we started to get to know each other and, as in observing a sport and just randomly standing in a line, shun any nervousness that accompanies being in front of a group of people.

For my observation, I sat in the lobby of my dorm. I chose right around dinner to sit there because I knew there would be a lot of traffic in and out of the front door. For some reason I noticed that coats by the North Face were popular and frequent. People came inside in groups more than they did individually. Most were going to and from Convo.

First Class/Observation

So the first day of class was interesting. It was nice hearing where everyone in the class is from and the different majors. The exercises were interesting. I had never done anything like those exercises before so it was a nice change from the normal classroom type of atmosphere.

As far as the assignment I decided to sit in Tuffy's Bar and observe the people down on the athletic courts. It was interesting just to watch everyone on the basketball courts. You could tell those people who were just shooting around for fun and not keeping score, and then you could tell those people who were actually playing a game. Those who were playing a serious game tended to be sweating and out of breath more than those just playing for fun. I found that when it comes to watching people that you can easily tell the intent that they have on the basketball court just by observing them for a few minutes.

first class/observation

I really did not know what to expect going into this class. After the first class I think I am going to really like it! It is a lot different than any of my other classes this semester and I think that most classes if not every is going to be very fun! I liked that we did the icebreaker activity so that we were all able to get to know each other and become comfortable with everyone.

For the ten minute observation I sat in convo. I noticed many different emotions and body language with each person that I watched. Some people seemed to be there only to eat and leave while others used it as a time to socialize. The people who just wanted to eat seemed quiet and focused on their food and ignored others around them. Other people who were socializing and eating were talking with the people at their table, laughing, and moving around in their chairs. They also seemed to ignore the behaviors of other people around them because their attention was focused on the people that they were sitting with. Observing different people in the same setting can tell you a lot about them!

First class and stalking assignment

I thought the first class was a good ice-breaker. Going up in groups in front of the rest of the class made it less awkward to be on stage. This class seems like it will be very interesting.

Last night i sat in convo and watched a group of girls eating dinner and talking. They were very animated and loud. They laughed with their entire body and gestured vigorously when they talked. I realized that i could identify the general topic of the conversation whether it was funny or serious by watching facial expressions and body language.

Day 1 and people watching...

I thought the first day was pretty interesting. Especially considering most of my other classes were ONLY looking at the syllabi and then leaving, I had way too much downtime. The ACTivity we did reminded me of an exercise we did with my musicals in high school actually, to ensure the students would be acting and not lounging on stage.

As for the assignment, I wandered aimlessly (which was still fun hah) around Walmart for awhile. It was interesting to see, of the people that 'look up' while walking, they still seem oblivious to you, and the rest are looking down...and, yeah, they're oblivious too. Maybe its just to typical that we ignonre the lives and backgrounds of everyone around us unless something drastic is occurring on one side or another. hmmm

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

First Class/Observation

Hey everyone!! As I looked at my schedule I was surprised to find a room number that really wasn’t a room number. So after about 20 minutes of trying to find room S.TH someone showed me how to get there. And by the way it was a very weird way to get there. We had to go threw a wood shop with hardly any lights on and that kinda creeped me out I’m not gonna lie lol. Then I finally got to the room and I felt a lot better. Then I really did not know what to expect out of the class in general. I had taken drama in high school so I kinda knew what this class was about, but I still was not sure. The first day was a pretty good day; we all got to know a little bit about each other, and we did some good warm up exercises. O by the way the ping pong team, made me laugh lol. So I am looking forward to Thursday’s class. See you guys then !!!! =)

For the first assignment I watched my classmates in my adolescent psychology class. Since it was the first class only a few people had their books. This showed me that they were on top of things and that the other people were just waiting to see if they really needed the book or not. Then as the class went on there were a lot of people txting and even some guy was reading a book and he wasn’t even in the back of the class he was in the front row. A few other people looked as if they were listening to every word that the prof was saying and it seemed as though those were the people she kept looking at when she was talking. Then there were people that were sleeping while she was talking. Then when it was time to take notes hardly anyone had a notebook, so they were scrambling around trying to find paper to take notes on.

First Class/Observation

Well, after the first class this morning, I am really just interested in seeing how the class is going to progress. It seems like we are going to have alot of fun.

For my observation, I watched people while I waited in a line at Walmart. I always find it interesting to observe people's facial expressions and body language. People are more likely to react nonverbally to a given situation than they are to actually speak up about it. So as the line in Walmart grew, and the cashier moved slower with each customer, it was interesting to view how people's expressions quickly changed from simple disinterest to clear annoyance.

Class 1-15-2008

Overall I think the first class went smoothly! Everyone participated and although it seemed akward it was all done for a purpose.

I was at work and I was observing everything that everyone does, I work at East of Chicago and its interesting to watch people while they make pizza. People are washing dishes, eating, making pizzas and subs. The manager was training a new employee and the new employee continued to shake his head as if he really understood what he was learning. There is a lot of goofing off due to the fact of a slow night. The job is repititious in the sense that you do the same thing every night.

First Class Assignment

Hey all, first of all I wasn't sure what to expect coming into this class. After an exercise or two to get comfortable I realized that this class will only be what I put into it, and sounds like a very interesting and fun class.
Anyways, for the assignment I went and sat in the Rec Center on the downstairs stretching area cubbies. I'm kind of used to what I saw since I work there and see it all the time. I noticed that there were several kinds of people down there. Some were with friends and seemed like it was time to socialize and release stress becuase of their carefree and talkitive actions. Others listened to headphones, did not socialize, and seemed there were there for a purpose driven reason. For the short amount of time that I was there you could tell alot about why the person was there and what they wanted to get done. Sometimes you could tell how they were feeling by their demenor about the workout. Like someone who is sad or mad might put in extra intensity and not be looking around, others were happy, talkitive, and curious about those surrounding them. It was nice to sit back and observe people that I might not have otherwise.

First Class

First off having class at 9:25 sucks, but this class might not seem too bad bc i didnt get bored or tired at all. When I walked in it felt a little different being in the studio theatre and all. Getting to know each other wasn't that bad and hearing the plays or musicals that the others have seen was cool too. We stood in front of the class for the first exercise, to show how uncomfortable it can be just standing there in the front of the room w/ ppl looking at you, rather than tryin to look at other objects that take your mind off the audience. Acting like we were watching a ping pong match was also interesting, and the other group watching a golfer tee off.

Assignment: For about 10 min, I sat in convo and just observed my surroundings, as if i wern't even there. I was sitting at the Track/XC table which is located beside the windows in the back. As I took a gander around the room, there were many lips/mouths moving which appeared to me a number of coversations all going on in the same moment of time. It was kind of interesting looking at the many people, whom may not realize me looking at them or knew i was there, or even knew I exist.

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