Monday, April 28, 2008

RIP Buckets

So as the end of the semester draws near I have finally realized that I am going to lose my buckets! They are pretty much my signature for the class and I am so sad to see them go. Once I go home the fake buckets turn into real buckets...buckets full of water and oats. Then those buckets turn into big tubs...full of sawdust and stall bedding. I realize I am kind of babbling but the fake buckets turning into real buckets kind of symbolizes the end of a loufing year of college and into the hardcore horse work of summer! Wow. That was a lot of rambling and I am very sorry. Sometimes I get going with my horse "stuff" and can't stop! See ya'll in class.

The one act scenes overall were decent. I thought the first act with the king had its moments but overall came off a little too cheesy. The second act had a good storyline but the acting in it could have been a little better. The third act was awesome. The dialog and plot of the act made it very humorous and intelligent.

One Act

I was pleasantly surprised in how much I enjoyed the One Act plays. Though I must say the first one was a little too weird for me to follow, the following plays made up for it. I guess its really interesting to note that these plays were far more light hearted and seemed to not only be more fun for the audience, but for the actors as well. It was nice to sit down at a play and not be coaxed into a drama that required a lot of concentration. Maybe, its just me, but I thought it was a fantastic change of pace.
As you are all probably aware, I was not in class on Thursday. It's really not like me to miss class like that. In fact, I have not really been myself lately. I think the stress and lack of sleep are starting to take their toll. Anyways, it sounds like you all did an interesting exercise with entrances/exits. I'm kinda sad I missed it. I'm sorry i was unable to see the scenes as well. I always feel like I learn alot not only when we perform our scene but when watching everyone else. I like how we are all able to learn from each other. I will definitely be seeing you all tomorrow morning!! :-)

i can never think of titles...

So everytime Branden and I do our scene in class it changes. I think now we have come up with the most stalkerish scene haha. I think it will be fun to do though once we get all the stuff together. As for the door exercise, I never really realized how much an entrance or exit can set a scene. It's hard to make what you see in your imagination come alive on the stage, but i think that if you make your entrance/exit believable then it will be a little easier because everyone knows where you are.

See you all tomorrow!