Wednesday, January 16, 2008

First off I'm excited to see what we as a class and I can accomplish in this class. It seems like it is going to be fun. This is the first blog post that I have ever done so I A) Hope I'm doing this right. B) Hope It posts correctly. (I cant figure out how to get a new paragraph but o well) Anywho for the assignment i sat in the Kilhefner lobby after one of my classes. It was kinda interesting to watch as some students rushed out of the building most likely because they are late for there next class. Some people also meandered into the building after having an earlier class. Is it just me or do other people feel like they are being a little like a stalker doing this assignment?

I got a feeling somebody's watching me...

Hey Friends.
My excitement for this class cannot fit into a couple of sentences. I have this thing where i need to be the center of attention so acting has always been a favorite of mine... as good or bad as i may be.
Unlike most people i didnt sit in convo and watch people. Im one of those who eat and leave without hanging out. However i did come to class early to see how people interact on the first day of class. Slowly people wandered in, searching for familiar faces without appearing to eager or nervous. For a while it was just one other person and myself... the most awkward moment of the year thus far. We just sat trying not to make eye contact but see if we knew one another. Little by little more people came and did the same thing. Heads down. Eyes on their shoes. Then acquaintances and friends would join their peers and would leave a sad few by themselves. It was funny how the ones left kinda formed an instant friendship. Anyway, im getting to detailed. First day survival skills are a must.

People watching in Convo

After the first class, I am excited to see what the rest of the semester brings. I decided to watch people in convo. The cheeseburgers were very popular at lunchtime. I noticed that people do not really sit around after they are done eating, but leave right away. I noticed that some people are very interested with the new televisions in the building, but some people do not pay attention to them at all. It was interesting to see the way that different people seem to notice things while others don't.

1st Class & Observation

The first class session today gave me some insight on how its going to be there for the rest of the semester, and I am looking forward to it. I really think it was critical that we started to get to know each other and, as in observing a sport and just randomly standing in a line, shun any nervousness that accompanies being in front of a group of people.

For my observation, I sat in the lobby of my dorm. I chose right around dinner to sit there because I knew there would be a lot of traffic in and out of the front door. For some reason I noticed that coats by the North Face were popular and frequent. People came inside in groups more than they did individually. Most were going to and from Convo.

First Class/Observation

So the first day of class was interesting. It was nice hearing where everyone in the class is from and the different majors. The exercises were interesting. I had never done anything like those exercises before so it was a nice change from the normal classroom type of atmosphere.

As far as the assignment I decided to sit in Tuffy's Bar and observe the people down on the athletic courts. It was interesting just to watch everyone on the basketball courts. You could tell those people who were just shooting around for fun and not keeping score, and then you could tell those people who were actually playing a game. Those who were playing a serious game tended to be sweating and out of breath more than those just playing for fun. I found that when it comes to watching people that you can easily tell the intent that they have on the basketball court just by observing them for a few minutes.

first class/observation

I really did not know what to expect going into this class. After the first class I think I am going to really like it! It is a lot different than any of my other classes this semester and I think that most classes if not every is going to be very fun! I liked that we did the icebreaker activity so that we were all able to get to know each other and become comfortable with everyone.

For the ten minute observation I sat in convo. I noticed many different emotions and body language with each person that I watched. Some people seemed to be there only to eat and leave while others used it as a time to socialize. The people who just wanted to eat seemed quiet and focused on their food and ignored others around them. Other people who were socializing and eating were talking with the people at their table, laughing, and moving around in their chairs. They also seemed to ignore the behaviors of other people around them because their attention was focused on the people that they were sitting with. Observing different people in the same setting can tell you a lot about them!

First class and stalking assignment

I thought the first class was a good ice-breaker. Going up in groups in front of the rest of the class made it less awkward to be on stage. This class seems like it will be very interesting.

Last night i sat in convo and watched a group of girls eating dinner and talking. They were very animated and loud. They laughed with their entire body and gestured vigorously when they talked. I realized that i could identify the general topic of the conversation whether it was funny or serious by watching facial expressions and body language.

Day 1 and people watching...

I thought the first day was pretty interesting. Especially considering most of my other classes were ONLY looking at the syllabi and then leaving, I had way too much downtime. The ACTivity we did reminded me of an exercise we did with my musicals in high school actually, to ensure the students would be acting and not lounging on stage.

As for the assignment, I wandered aimlessly (which was still fun hah) around Walmart for awhile. It was interesting to see, of the people that 'look up' while walking, they still seem oblivious to you, and the rest are looking down...and, yeah, they're oblivious too. Maybe its just to typical that we ignonre the lives and backgrounds of everyone around us unless something drastic is occurring on one side or another. hmmm