Wednesday, March 5, 2008


I really enjoyed our discussion in class the other day. I think what made it better than most discussions that occur is that we all went to see the play on different nights instead of everyone going to see it on the same night. This gave us all different perspectives on the play because each night was different. It was nice to hear everyone tell about their experience with the play and their views on the death penalty. I just wish that I was able to attend Sister Prejan's talk the night that she came to see the play.

class 2

Sorrry about that last post I pressed enter after putting in the title and well you can see the outcome. So yeah about that discussion. I thought it was a good idea to discuss the play and it was great hearing everyone elses views. I thought it was interesting that a few of us didnt want to express their opinions about it but that fine. I was really glad that Fabio had the same veiws as me about the multimedia because i was a little worried that when he read my paper that he might think that i was just bashing on the play. Well I have some other things that need to get done so I bid you all farewell.


Super Super Pumped

Ok so, class on Tuesday was kind of dull compared to others. I really think that discussing the play was a good idea but it just bored me. The comments that were made I think were good and supported by evidence from the play. I am really excited for class tomorrow. I hope that I can concentrate. Spring break is right around the corner... FLORIDA, her I come!!! See ya'll in class!


The conversation on the play went pretty well in class. I thought i would be in the minority thinking that the multi-media was stupid but it turns out that you all are just as intelligent as i am haha. I hope in class tomorrow we get to go back to the improv acting. I think it's the most entertaining exercise that we do and it gets us to think on our feet. It also helps you get over any stage fright you might have pretty quickly.

Being sick ain't fun...

So the past couple days I have felt like death, I hate getting sick. I am going to the "Health/Death" Center at 8am so hopefully I will be in class.

On a side note, I saw Gwyn's artwork and it is beautiful! I encourage everyone to attend the gallery if you can.

Everyone's a critic...

So going into the discussion on Tuesday I was really worried that I was overly critical of the play. I was not all that impressed with the performance I saw, but everyone else I had talked to before Tuesday had all really enjoyed it. I thought maybe I was just too critical and expected too much out of it. That said I was happy to hear in class that other people agreed with me on some things. I had a few specific arguments about why I disliked the play and many people in the class seemed to share my opinions.

That said, I can't wait to get back to doing the activities in class on Thursday!

On another note, everyone please attend Mr. University tomorrow night @9 in Upper Convo. The ladies of Alpha Phi have been working very hard on this event, and it is going to be a very entertaining evening. If for nothing else, come support Ron!!

some thoughts

I feel like as the semester is going on we are all really opening up to each other and expressing oursevles in a way that we never thought we would. I never really thought that taking this acting class would teach me as much about everyday life as it has so far. I have started to slow down and take everything in because I never took the time to notice what was happening before. Anyways I am excited to see how far we all will have come once the semester is coming to an end! See you all in class tomorrow.

Im not creative enough for titles.

So there is an at show this week. It opens on Thursday at 5... or 4:30. I'm not really sure. Anyway i have a couple pieces in this year and if you want to stop on by and take a look that would be swell. There are some great submissions and it could be cool... maybe... if you like that sorta thing. And its an opening so there will be food and beverages and all that jazz.

Back to class. I'm excited for Thursday. I think that because its right before break were all gonna be filled with so much energy. Hopefully it will help and not just make us all crazy and to hyper. Okay hopefully it wont make me to hyper. Especially since last class we only discussed the play, and the time before we attempted the face junk... it will be nice to get back into the fun stuff again.

look outside. really look. don't just complain about the snow and ice. its beautiful.