Sunday, February 10, 2008

Paying Your Dues

First of all, Gywn, that was an excellent post! I hate following yours because I never think that mine is as imaginative I guess?

Anyways, I was doing some invoices today for my clients and got to doing some thinking. With each invoice that has been paid off I use a red stamp with the word "PAID" on it. It made me wonder about a few things. Jesus paid for our sins, our bosses pay us to work, we pay others for their services, bad people hopefully pay the price, and good people hopefully get paid in the end. I remember that everytime I walk into a gym that I am paying my dues along the road to becoming someone, I remember that as I pull all nighters or stay in and study instead of going out that I am paying my dues to make a future, and I dream of the day that I pay my dues at work while trying to provide for a family. Everyone pays their own "dues" in life, it is just that it means something else to each person. So keep doing whatever it is you have to do, as long as you are making your way to achieving your goals is what is most important...