Wednesday, February 13, 2008

SOOOOOOOOOOO Far behind! :(

FINALLLY!!! I have gotten the blog to finally work for me, I swear Im cursed or somethin, I have the WORST luck with electronics! But ne ways, I have got to get on here sometime tomorrow and read everyones blogs, I havnt been able to log in to read anyones in over a WEEK! I am very interested in what has been goin on in everyones lives lately, and sadly class was cancled on Tuesday, I was DEVESTATED :( I can not wait to see everyone tomorrow and im THIRILLED to finally be back into Blogging. I will leave several blogs tomorrow and Friday about how things have been with me. But right now Im exhausted and have an 8 o clock tomorrow, and a game later tomorrow night (everyone should come we play GANNON...and its THINK PINK, in honor of breast cancer survivors) So.... in that case i will catch up tomorrow, since i can finally get back in . See you all tomorrow and good nite :)


I have been very busy these last few weeks. Last week I had two tests, one in chemistry and one in biology. I also had to complete a lab write up for them both. On top of that I need an A in both of these classes to keep going to Ashland, so I have been stressing out about them. Also Lifetime wellness is fricking killing me. You may laugh but its rediculous. Take your IUL class add fitness, projects, labs, and papers and you have my LW class. Im definatly looking forward to this weeks class. Fabio I hope everything on Tuesday went ok. See you all in class tomorrow.

My own personal snow day

So normally on Tuesdays and Thursdays I have 3 classes. Well for tuesday, I knew from the beginning of the semester that one of those classes would be cancelled. Then I got the email about not having this class, and I was like "Sweet, I only have one class now!" and pretty much everyone hated me because 2/3 of my classes were cancelled. Well Tuesday rolled around and I got up and got ready for my class at noon. As I am walking towards A&H I run into one of my classmates walking in the opposite direction. She stops me to tell me that our class has been cancelled for the day. So I was pretty much thrilled that while everyone else wished they had gotten a snow day, I had my own personal day off.

no class =(

ok so i was sad cause there was no class on tuesday.. but o well .. i just hope everything is ok ... so i kinda hurt one of my really good friends feelings and i just want to say that i am sorry to that person .. i feel so bad and i shouldnt have said thoes things.. and u wont txt me back ... so i hope you read this and forgive me ... im sorry =(

kevin's quote

I really like that quote! I think that we need pain (by pain I don't necessarily mean physical but more emotional) in our lives to keep us down to earth. When there is pain we know that life will soon turn and head in a better direction. If we didn't have pain in our lives we would not be appreciative of what we have or what we could achieve. Also if you think about it when you go through painful situations you are able to grow as a person because of your experiences. Life would be dull if there weren't downs to remind you of all the good!


So I don't know if we have to post for the class we didn't have on Tuesday, but better safe then sorry my moms always said! haha I want to share a quote with you that you may not like or appriciate. If you read it and ponder what it could mean to a person in different situations, then maybe you might grasp the meaning.

“…Pain is my friend because it had never lied to me. It never leaves me for long. When pain is with me everything becomes clear and life has meaning. I know something about myself. I see deeper. Pain makes me stronger. Fire fills my body… Pain is the great isolator, the almighty truth teller…” -Henry Rollins

SO, tell me what you think. It isn't meant to be dark and depressing, but to enlighten perhaps?