Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Spring Semester

Is it just me, or is the Spring Semester going by much quicker than the Fall Semester? I can't believe that we are already half way through the third week of the semester. Then, we have spring break and easter break which will make time go by even quicker. That means that the warm weather is going to be here soon! Thank goodness because it was so cold outside that my face hurt.

Closeness of Class

Since we didn't have a specific topic to write about for this blog I figured I would write about my fellow classmates. Coming into this class I only knew a few people in it. The first week was a little awkward for me since I didn't really know anyone and I felt like an idiot during our exercises, but now that we have been in class longer and had some one on one activities I am much more comfortable with everyone and I actually enjoy the exercises and I don't feel like i'm just making an idiot of myself

removing the bubble

So I guess I am going to be fairly serious in this post. I have noticed that as the past couple of weeks have progressed, I have been forced to get away from my usual comfort zone and this has helped me to break out of my bubble so to speak. I am in most instances a very quiet and reserved person, who usually finds it difficult to open up to people I don't know well. But I think because i am forced to move outside my comfort zone within this class, I am finding it easier to be a little more outgoing.

"Cult" Sport

Don't let that scarey sounding title scare you off just yet. Hopefully, you all have heard of powerlifting. Well, typically it is referred to as a "cult" sport. I really don't know why though? Anyways, I think powerlifting and I are similar in nature. In a wide spectrum, people have not heard of or are fimiliar with that way of life. People don't care to take the time to understand or expirence what it is really about. Even though there is a stereotype associated with the sport, it is most likely nothing like you would expect. Some sports are for everyone, powerlifting is not one of them. This is because it takes dedication and some hard work to get things to go right, and you don't depend on a team for the win because it is on you. With powerlifting you have good and bad days, achievements and let-downs, blood and tears, expenses, a full time commitment, a fast growing support system, almost certain stress and anxiety, and a burning passion to always want more. Literally, powerlifting and I are not the same. I'm not heard of, I can be misunderstood easily, I've always been stereotyped, my personality isn't for everyone, I take some work to be gotten used to, and I am spontaneous and unpridictable. Most of this probably didn't make sense, but was it meant to?

opening my eyes

So this morning I was thinking about what I should write my blog about and I realized something. When walked into class on the first day I looked around at all the students and could honestly say I didn't know anyone. I hadn't really remembered seeing anyone around campus or anything. Since then I now see many of my classmates around campus, mainly in convo. Anyways my point is that I am sure I have seen these people before, but I never really opened my eyes and payed attention to my surroudings. Sometimes I think that I need to just slow down and take everything in because I am moving too fast. I am glad that I have gotten to meet new faces in this class that I may have never gotten to know before.

IDK what to write about.... hmmmm.....

Its weird, I sometimes hate being told what to write about because the topic given is so unrelated to anything im interested in or something of that nature. So I was excited when he told us that we could write about whatever we want.. and guess what… I cant think of anything to talk about lol ok so I have a track meet this weekend at Akron and in kinda nervous. I have never thrown in this facility before and I hate when that happens but that could be a good thing .. going in with a fresh slate.. yeah it better be a good thing lol.. so that’s all I got .. sorry lol.. see you in class tomorrow =)