Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Though I had a bit of a rough time getting into the class last Thursday, I found that once I got in, (thanks Patti A&H Admin Assistant), the calss was in the middle of a mirror exercise. I didn't think much of it then, but later on I found myself talking about the experience with some friends, and immediately we found ourselves doing the exercise. It happened in two completely separate cases. Weird I know, but nonetheless, I noticed that a lot of day to day interaction revolves around some of the same principles of the tug-a-war scenario. Hand someone a piece of paper and almost without thinking they reach out and grab it.


I like my title. It's not a real word in the sense of how real a word can be. But that's beside the point yet then I don't really have a point yet so I think that it so much isn't. I'll make that my point. Why do we do the things in class that we do.(that's a horrible sentence) What is the point of some of the things we do? I don't think I actually want an answer, I think I just want to make sure the dilemma is known. Like walking in a circle. I don't really know what the exact point of it is I suppose. The tah-tey(this is just how I imagined the words in my head) exercise is supposed to get us to react to others and others of the random things we do are to get us comfortable to do a what could be called silly actions, acting out tug of war and it's ilk. Saying utterly nonsensical things I believe is part of the latter, though it may have had some other purpose as well. I'm not really sure where this is going anymore. Though i suppose it was never really going anywhere(ah the wonders of the English language) but that is what probably what ends up when I have no basis for writing.

Mirrior Exercise

the mirrior image exercise on thursday was really fun. it was quite difficult at first when workin one on one w/ a partner but then when we did the group activity, i felt the difficulty level was a lot easier and really fun. my favorite was when a couple of us were passing the soccer ball around and juggling it, it really felt as if we were really doin it bc each of our timing was on and it seemed as if we really could see the ball.