Monday, January 21, 2008

Hey friends.

I woke up this morning... partly because i was so groggy and partly because my roommate was gone for the weekend and i had nothing else to do, I decided to do the listening activity. As i sat on my bed I could hear cars going by Kem. Quickly at first but then slowing down as they approached the lights. I could hear cars driving through the Burger King drivethru. I heard the girls next door opening and closing their doors. The volume of their laughter increased and suddenly decreased as the doors closed. My friend was in my room working on an art project and i could hear him scraping away at the linoleum block breathing steadily in and out while concentrating on the piece. I could also hear the constant hum of my fan and the whistle that it made if something got stuck on the blades. It was actually quite calming.


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