Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I dont remember what happened last week except the game of whiz bang that was awesome at the end of class. It was awesome and optional.

Card dealings?

So on Thursday last time we had class we did the interact with an object realistically and the surface height exercises. The interaction wasn't that hard really as long as you went slow and payed attention to what was going on basically. The height on the other hand was pretty hard because you had to deal with your object and put it in the right space which is fairly hard to do. Oh and I had a good easter and all.

Easter Break

It was nice to have easter break, I didnt have basketball or class i got to go home and spend some time with my friends and spend time with my boyfriend. I played some basketball with some of my friends and spent the rest of the time with my family. But today is goin to be along day because i got class and lifting at 2:30 and i also got a meeting with my coach at 2, then i have dinner and night class. Its a non stop day and i can not wait til its over.
ok so he spaced out while i was doing my surface height thing.. mayb it was for the best because now that i remember what i did it wasnt that good lol.. o and as for the paper air plane i am going to make on and show him one of these days lol.. and as for the cornhole idea it sounda pretty sweet im not gonna lie... i mean cornhole is todays kids fav past time lol ... i hope you had a good easter break and i will see you all in 20 minutes lol .. =)

Whiz Bang!

So it seems as if everybody else is commenting on the all powerful whiz bang game so I guess I will join the multitude. I love the game and now that it has the deep south "cornhole" element, I feel right at home. Look forward to another lightning round of whiz bang today in class.
I just want to comment on the fact that the other day I was talking to someone who is in the other class and we were playing a mini game of whiz bang between the two of us. Well, a friend of ours was watching and she just looked at both of us like we were completely crazy. Apparently not everyone understands how wonderful whiz bang really is.

P.S. Kevin's idea to add cornhole to the game was brilliant. I enjoyed it immensely

How High?

Copernicus should be shaking in his boots

Who doesnt feel happier after a round of Whiz bang?! It sure brightens up my day... i was thinking that everyone should play at least one game each day.. it would make the world go round... more than it presently does... but not too much that it rocks the earth off the whole gravitational pull solar systemy thing... can you tell science is not my favorite subject? Anyway before anyone takes credit for the 7-10 split i would like to take credit now... i also have some curling whiz bang ideas floating around up in here if i decide to be so bold tomorrow and bring them up.

Copernicus -just in case you didn't catch the reference

Thank you

Thanks for the words of encouragement Fabio. Im really enjoying this class. Although it was challenging i liked the surface exercise. I also really like whiz-bang its fun and challenging. I think that nearly every exorcise we have done has been fun and i cant wait to see whats next. See you all in class.

New Challanges

Last class was a challange for me for a number of reasons. First of all, the surface height activity was difficult. It was so hard for me to picture where my surface was and then turn away from it and then find that same height again. Then, being in a beartrap was also hard. I did not know what to do and it was hard for me to deal with pain when I was not feeling it or seeing anygthing.