Thursday, January 17, 2008

Can you hear what i hear?

I did my listening exercise in the field house before practice started. As I was sitting there I heard, people putting their bags down, them talking about their day, coach giving someone advice on their throwing form, runners running on the track, the toilet flushing, the shots dropping to the ground, jumpers landing in the high jump pit, the air system working, the cars outside, the sweaky shoes of the people walking on the linoleum in the hallway, the garage door opening on the other side of the field house, the shot putts hitting the standards, pole-vaulter’s poles hitting the ground, wow that is a lot lol.


Once again i was at work and decided to listen to all the different ringing, people talking on the phone, coolers running, microwave running, toilets flushing, cars starting, pizza getting cut, boxes folding, the jukebox, dishes being done, its amazing all the things you can hear at a pizza shop!

Listen here...

After our second acting class, I visited Tuffy's smoothie bar to just sit and listen. While listening, I heard many different sounds such as people talking, the blenders making smoothies, the hum of the refridgerators, the bouncing of the basketballs on teh court below, and footsteps just to name a few. I have become immune to many of these sounds but just focusing on listening made me realize that. Look forward to the next class!

Listening In

So I sat in my room at the Phi Delt house. The thing is almost any time of day in about any room you can hear LOTS of things! As I was sitting I heard cars driving by outside, different types of music playing throughout the halls, XBOX playing, shower running, toliet flushing, water fountain turning on and off, people walking by, my computer running, doors open and closing, talking, laughing, and yeling. Most of these things I have become immune to I guess so I tend to drown them out. It was nice to just sit back and hear what was going on for once...

First Class

After leaving the first class, I went to the education building for a later class. After sitting in the lobby observing the people walking by, it is clear to me that many of the education majors talk mostly about education. What a shock!

I really enjoyed the first class and look forward to the class today!