Tuesday, January 15, 2008

First Class Assignment

Hey all, first of all I wasn't sure what to expect coming into this class. After an exercise or two to get comfortable I realized that this class will only be what I put into it, and sounds like a very interesting and fun class.
Anyways, for the assignment I went and sat in the Rec Center on the downstairs stretching area cubbies. I'm kind of used to what I saw since I work there and see it all the time. I noticed that there were several kinds of people down there. Some were with friends and seemed like it was time to socialize and release stress becuase of their carefree and talkitive actions. Others listened to headphones, did not socialize, and seemed there were there for a purpose driven reason. For the short amount of time that I was there you could tell alot about why the person was there and what they wanted to get done. Sometimes you could tell how they were feeling by their demenor about the workout. Like someone who is sad or mad might put in extra intensity and not be looking around, others were happy, talkitive, and curious about those surrounding them. It was nice to sit back and observe people that I might not have otherwise.

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