Thursday, March 20, 2008

Acting For Non Majors

I had a great post written up, it was amazing. I hit post, and got an error code. I refuse to rewrite it....
I was not in class last week on Thursday to know what the entangled exercise was that everyone ws talking about in their blogs. On Tuesday we had to act like we were trapped in somethin. I had elevator, and i thought it was rahter interesting. I am wondering what out exercise will be for today. I wish we had this class more often bc i find myself wantin to be there more and more as the year goes on. See you all in a little bit :)


So the final seems like it should be fun at least from what's been described to me. A blank scene where we get to basically make it whatever we want ought to be an interesting endeavor. At least until something goes horribly wrong with it. And reading other blogs makes me sad for missing class.

trapped in the port-a-pottie

Being trapped in a port-a-pottie is a strange ordeal. I have never been stuck in one before so I had to really think what was going on. I messed up on where the door was because where I was trying to force something open was on the wrong side. I was going about it like it was facing the ground where in reality it wouldn't have been obstructed by anything.


Reading over the script that I was given for the final I can only imagine what can come out of some of the other ones. I really like how we are able to essentially just let our imagination take over and propel a seemingly brief and uninteresting scene and create this interesting, funny or possibly dramatic scene. I can't wait to get started on this project!