Wednesday, April 30, 2008


So this finally just hit me that tomorrow is our last class. I don't know why I didn't realize that earlier but now that I think about it I'm kind of sad. I've really enjoyed this class and have learned a lot. I wisht that there was a second part to this class that we could take as non-majors.

Its not goodbye, its just see you later :(

It is crazzzy that tomorrow is out LAST CLASS! I cant believe the time has finally come. I was thinking about taking the class again, bc of how much fun i had it in. You are all amazing people and im so happy to have met you. I think we should leave the blog open, and continue blogging over the summer to catch up with everyone. What do you guys think? Somethin to do every now and then :)

It was kool to talk about the one-acts to hear everyones opinioins. Everyone is doin great wit their scenes and i cant wait to see then all on tuesday. Good luck with all your finals, and dont get too stressed out about everything. Only one more week here at AU... enjoy it!

TWISTER SOUNDS GREAT! We should talk about it in class tomorrow, and decide a day/time.
See all your beautiful faces tomorrow in class :)

Exit, stage left

I must say that I've really enjoyed this class. I've has so may 'traditional' classes these last couple of years that it was really nice to breakup the monotony. Everyone 's been really supportive throughout the semester and I'm going to miss you all. See yall tomorrow.
It is hard to believe that we only have one class left. This semester has gone so fast! I'm glad we talked about the one-acts on Tuesday. It was interesting to hear a little bit about the plays that were shown on the other nights. I was also impressed with myself for knowing who Bertolt Brecht was when Fabio brought him up in class. I'm interested to see what we do for our last class...personally I would enjoy a nice game of whiz-bang.


Ok so here is what I think regarding the twister... Perhaps we should all take a break from studying on Monday night and meet in the Myers Hall lounge and play some Twister and eat some pizza! Thats just what I think. Let me know what ya'll think!

As far as class, Im glad we talked about the One Acts because I wasnt sure if others were confused by some of them as I was. It made me feel much better to know that others had issues with some of the acts. I overall enjoyed them but some aspects of certain acts could have been different to make them better!

Tomorrow is our last class... :(

See ya'll in class tomorrow!


I can't believe that tomorrow is our last class!! This semester went by soooo fast. I have had a lot of fun with everyone in class and I will definitely miss it! Everyone is doing a great job with their scenes so far and i'm sure they will be incredible on Tuesday for the final. I think that we all have learned A LOT about acting and how we act in life in general from this class that we can carry with us. Good Luck to everyone on the final and all other finals!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Some say goodbye- i say the end

All i have to say is Thursday better equal twister! Or i waill be very disappointed!! But congrats guys!! We made it to the end!!! All we have to do now is our last day of class- sad and then or scenes! It was a great year and i will miss you all! Except for some- just joshing- i will miss you all! Im trying to have whiz band catch on with people but so far it isnt working out- we might have to have some whiz bang get togethers just so i can stay sane!! Well good luck ya'll with finals! Dont stress out to much- and if you do then do that weird relaxation thing and youll be back on track.


So today I was sitting in class thinking. I thought about how much I missed Whiz Bang, random acting exercises, and fun yet educational material involving the teamwork of the entire class. I know that we are growing as actors and that the classes are geared towards preparing for the final, but I want the old days back...

One Acts

So I missed class on Thursday but I made it to the one acts on Tuesday. They were great. I wish that I would've been able to go and see the shows on wednesday or friday but that will have to wait until next year. I think that they actors did a great job of using the space that they had and they also did a great job working in such a small place. I would reccomend that everyone go and see this the next time that they are put on.


ok well im just going to throw it out there.. im going to miss the buckets lol...but as for the end of the school year being here .. its about freakin time!!! even though i have two meets this weekend and two of my hardest exams on the same day back to back lol.. and im not goin to be here on thursday because of a meet that i have to leave early for so my days are even shorter.. well i hope you guys have a good weekend and ill see you all on tuesday
oh man, second to last class b4 finals!! now that i think about it, its kinda sad that this year is coming to an end, its going by sooo fast and i know sometime w/in the first month of summer i'm prob gonna be wishing i'd be back here =( ..... but the final scenes are coming along nicely, and im starting to feel a lot more confident about ours too. the walking to or from a room exercise was very interesting and since i havent went yet, from what i saw it looks a lil difficult, but we'll see how i do in this next class!

too late

well its 3:04 and i have class at 8. gotta love the last week of class, and stayin up all nite doing papers, i just finished one and cant stay awake any longer to even start the other one. i will see u all in class tomorrow, more then likely looking a lookin sleepy im sure. hopfeully Fabio will talk to my partner and I about our skit since in the 2nd to last class we have before FINALS.. that is crazzzy. This semeseter went by so fast, but im tired as hell, and am NOT going to wake up tomorrow morning. So if anyone sees this an dim not in class CALL ME.. lol.. gnite everyone, see in a few hours :)


Monday, April 28, 2008

RIP Buckets

So as the end of the semester draws near I have finally realized that I am going to lose my buckets! They are pretty much my signature for the class and I am so sad to see them go. Once I go home the fake buckets turn into real buckets...buckets full of water and oats. Then those buckets turn into big tubs...full of sawdust and stall bedding. I realize I am kind of babbling but the fake buckets turning into real buckets kind of symbolizes the end of a loufing year of college and into the hardcore horse work of summer! Wow. That was a lot of rambling and I am very sorry. Sometimes I get going with my horse "stuff" and can't stop! See ya'll in class.

The one act scenes overall were decent. I thought the first act with the king had its moments but overall came off a little too cheesy. The second act had a good storyline but the acting in it could have been a little better. The third act was awesome. The dialog and plot of the act made it very humorous and intelligent.

One Act

I was pleasantly surprised in how much I enjoyed the One Act plays. Though I must say the first one was a little too weird for me to follow, the following plays made up for it. I guess its really interesting to note that these plays were far more light hearted and seemed to not only be more fun for the audience, but for the actors as well. It was nice to sit down at a play and not be coaxed into a drama that required a lot of concentration. Maybe, its just me, but I thought it was a fantastic change of pace.
As you are all probably aware, I was not in class on Thursday. It's really not like me to miss class like that. In fact, I have not really been myself lately. I think the stress and lack of sleep are starting to take their toll. Anyways, it sounds like you all did an interesting exercise with entrances/exits. I'm kinda sad I missed it. I'm sorry i was unable to see the scenes as well. I always feel like I learn alot not only when we perform our scene but when watching everyone else. I like how we are all able to learn from each other. I will definitely be seeing you all tomorrow morning!! :-)

i can never think of titles...

So everytime Branden and I do our scene in class it changes. I think now we have come up with the most stalkerish scene haha. I think it will be fun to do though once we get all the stuff together. As for the door exercise, I never really realized how much an entrance or exit can set a scene. It's hard to make what you see in your imagination come alive on the stage, but i think that if you make your entrance/exit believable then it will be a little easier because everyone knows where you are.

See you all tomorrow!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

packing up!

Hey so when i did the door scene i was thinking about all i had to do in the next two weeks. I have to pack. thats my number one. I have too much stuff and not enough space in my car. Oh no!!!!!!! Anyway i thought that i should practice before i actually pack. I think my closet is magical because i keep taking stuff out of it but more clothes just keep coming and coming. its like never ending! I dont know what to do because it never ENDS!!!!!!!!!!!!

this has nothing to do with acting. sorry


So at the end of class with the door exercise I did, as you all know, the meat locker. While I was sitting there thinking about what I wanted to do I recalled Rocky and when he used the meat as punching bags. This inspired me on my quest for the perfect entrance/exit haha Life lesson is that inspiration comes from everything.

Friday, April 25, 2008

I chose the bathroom for the door exercise partly because I had already had an experience with escaping a port-a-pottie earlier in the semester, so I figured why not. The scenes are continually improving and I am excited to see how all of them turn out and what is being held back from just practicing. As the school year is ending and people need to take classes for next semester I am always recommending this class, not just because it is fun, but because it gives you the chance to step out of your comfort zone by doing things you normally wouldn't do in front of classmates.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Doing my scene a second time really helped to flesh out the character. He used to be a little too one dimensional now I think with the tweaks I added in he ought to be a better responsive character to what's going on. I'm still kinda excited for summer even though it means we'll not have the crazy class together.
I was not in class last time, but the time before that, Katie and I got to give our final scene. I was happy with the way it went and we now have a better understanding of what we need to do. Everyone's final secnes are coming along good and it is exciting to see how everyone's changes over time. The play I went to see last night was good I liked all of the acts and they were really funny.
Well i dont really have too much to say since i was just in the audience last class, but i did enjoy everyones finals and how they were coming along and then the floor plan activity skits. Everyone seems to be comin along great and i can def tell theres been some improvement in everyone so far.

Only couple more weeks left!!!


First off, I went last night to see the one acts and they were hysterical. I really liked "The Gate" and the one with the weird girl, I just dont remember the name! As far as our finals, I really think that they are coming along quite nicely. I really like Aaron & Clint's. Also Michelle & Kevin's was really good. Im glad that I am done with the exercise in which we had to touch everything because I was kind of worried about it but it turned out ok I guess. See ya'll in class!

ps: class twister SOON!!!


After doing our scene for the second time I feel like we have plenty to work with. The only part that I am worried about is coming up the right actions for each line. I'm afraid that I will use the same action twice only it will have a different name or that I will use an action that's not strong enough. Luckily me and my partner still have time to figure all of that out.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The final scenes on tuesday were looking pretty good. Hopefully Fabio can give me and joe some helpful pointers tomorrow since we'll prolly have to go. I'm goin to the one act show thing tomorrow night so that should be pretty cool based on some of your previous experiences.

finals week

It is crazy to me to see how far we have all come this semester. I agree with Gywn i cant wait to see everyones skit, they are all going to be so good, when we finalyl ready to show them off! Im excited to see more people go tomorrow, but hope that we can figure out what to change with ours so it is good. The one acts... SPEECHLESS :)

I have class after our class.. but we WILL play Twister i Promisse !!

one Act plays!! lol

i just want to say that the one act plays were pretty good. the last one called "the gate" was prolly my fav just because of all the funny lines and who good the actors played their charcaters. and some of them were ok i just like humor so the funnier the better lol... and that was the only one that i had no idea how it was going to end .. and that just happened to be the last one so its pretty much the only one i remember .. see you in class tomorrow =)
I wasn't really ready for Fabio to pick my group to do our second try at our final performance. Even though we weren't ready I think we did really good. I also think that we all are getting progressively better. Well that's all from me tonight. Goodnight.
hey guys!

so i think that i super excited for finials week. i cant wait to see everyones scenes. I think we have all grown so much this semester. Who would have thought that we could reach this level? not me. Im shocked and proud that everyone could give themselves so fully to the class. I just wish i could take it again and again cause i have so much fun.

The twister was awesome. I want to play after class! Dont forget!!! :P

spies who own an icecream shop?

I never really thought I would act as a spy who owned an icecream shop/ was using it as a place to spy. It was fun being able to go with whatever was thrown at you though because I have realized that it is harder to have lines since you have to make sure you get them right and add emotions to them. I think having to touch everything in a scene also helps to develop the conversation and what not. On a side note I am going to the play tonight and I'm interested to see how it will be! See you all tomorrow :)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I was glad that Katie and I were able to finally perform our floor plan scene today. We had drawn it several times before, but we always seemed to run out of time before we could perform. I had alot of fun with it. Sometimes its fun to play the serious (and slightly mean) character. Plus, twister was pretty amazing! (sorry to let all the blood rush to your head katie!)

Also, good job to everyone who performed their final scenes today!

See You All on Thursday!


So how much did everyone else's scene change from the first time they went because Kevin and Michelle's changed a lot. I kinda think that's good though, I know my and Aimee's scene changed a lot from what we initially thought of. I dunno see everybody in class then.


It was interesting to watch how much Kevin and Michelle's scene had changed from the last time that we saw them in class. It's cool that they were able to come up with something completely different from what they had before. I can't wait to see who else has changed their scene and to see what they came up with.
My partner and I did some work on our skit, mostly planning and reviewing some of the pointers Fabio gave us. I'm feeling good about it, but I'm sure we'll need more work.
Last class our final scene didnt go very well, we didnt have much work done to it and kept getting the lines mixed up.. ugh.. but other than that i can deff see great progress in other groups scenes, and i enjoy it when Fabio tweeks them b/c it jus makes it so much more dramatic and interesting. Since Gwyn n i went last week im not so sure u guys will get to see us tomorrow but i am excited to see what the other groups that havent gone in a while have to offer, esp. Max's, he told me it was comin along pretty well! good luck!

Final Scenes

So me and Ron worked on our final scene alot tonite and it got CRAZY!
Since we have watched everyone else go ,and got to listen to Fabio critique everyone, it helped to hear what he had to say so we were able to fix those things. Everyone elses skit was full of drama and he said the bigger the realtionship the better, so our thing is nuts. Just wait until you all see it tomorrow. Im really gna try not to laugh, but i think when im in the moment ill be fine. I really cant beleive we only have 9 days of REAL classes left! That is soooo weird to me.

When is everyone goin to the one acts this week? I still have to buy tickets for it. I want to go on Friday tho... so i hope they still have tickets for fridays Show :)

See you all in class tomorrow and I cant wait to see everyones scences and how much they have improved. Im gonna be tired tomorrow, so if I'm a lil hyper then u know why :)
Yeah I'm very disappointed in myself. I slept through another class. It makes me mad when i wake up at like 12:00 just to realize i missed acting. I guess there is nothing i can do but pray I actually wake up tomorrow. From reading the previous posts it seems as though everyone is doing a good job with their scenes. Good Job and keep it up, the end of the year is fast approaching. Well I'm off to bed. Hopefully I see you all tomorrow.

Monday, April 21, 2008

The final scenes seem to be coming together well. We still have another 2 weeks or so to work on them so it shouldn't be too hard to come up with something decent. It helps hearing Fabio critique the other groups which allows us to know what he expects and to adjust our scenes to his specifications.

Its almost over...

So I have been preparing all my documents to transfer schools at the end of this semester and in doing that I have come to realize how close the end of the semester AND our final scenes are. I am really excited about the final scenes and can't wait to see the work people have put into them. See ya'll in class tomorrow!
I am beginning to feel really good about our final scene. After going through it in class again and getting some input, I feel like it is moving in a really good direction. It was also nice to get some help with the actions for the lines because I seem to be having some difficulty figuring out what to do with those. I can't wait to see more scenes and to see how people have improved!! See you all in class!!

P.S. I'm glad to see that you are practicing your lines Kevin!! (oh and everyone already thinks you're strange! :-) ......jk!)
I think everyone is doing a really good job with their scenes! I think it will be really interesting to see how they all turn out in the end when we have to perform them for our final. Hope everyone has a good day and see you all tomorrow :)

Sunday, April 20, 2008

I don't really remember if I blogged for last thursday or not but if I did here is another. The groups are all still doing good jobs with acting out their scenes and taking the advice that is given to them and applying it. I still have not done the exercise where you set up the location, but I am pretty sure that will be for me to do Tuesday.

Thursday, April 17, 2008


So I was thinking over my lines the other day, and I didn't realize that I was actually saying them out loud... Lets just say that there are a few more people around AU that think I am strange!
The exercise where you have to touch everything is going to be somewhat difficult but the other groups are doing a nice job so far. It is kinda funny to see how different of an approach another group with the same lines we have is taking.

final scene

Well last class was the first time that Katie and I did our scene and I think it went pretty well. I am excited to see how it will work and change over the next couple of weeks. I just hope that I do not laugh in it because Katie acts so crazy! We will just have to keep practicing over and over untill we feel comfortable with eachother.

Dialogue Practice

My first time doing my dialogue was a little nerve racking, but I think I learned a lot from the experience.  Fabio was very helpful and gave a lot of advice to us.  I think I just need more practice and then I might be as good as the others.  
Doing the floor plan was allot of fun and i really thought that we did a good job at it as well. I m interested to see what Fabio has up his sleeve for the next few classes and I hope that whatever the activity that it is as enjoyable as this one. Well its late and I need sleep see you all tomorrow.

Floor Plan Scene

at first i was a little skeptic about how our choice of a floor plan would work out but when Fabio assigned us personalities, it made the scene easier for us to develop a way to touch all the objects. i found our scene pretty funny and think everyon else did too. haha


It's nice to watch other people do there finals scene in class. While it helps them work some things out, it also helps me to evaluate my own scene in my head and think about things that i could do differently or ways to make the scene better. It was also nice seeing the floor plan excercise instead of being the one doing it. I enjoyed seeing how other people would use everything in their space. I can't wait to see more of them.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

So as you all could tell in class i am pretty used to being accused of cheating so i'm pretty good at finnagleing??? if that is even a word, my way out of situations. But it was crazy afterwards how Fabio said that our sketch took forever, because it felt like it was short to me. I'm just telling you all this to prove that it's an easy exercise if you just wing it.
I love that the scenes in class keep getting more and more interesting. Watching other people perform their scenes the past few classes has helped me to understand what we need to do to make our scene better. I'm hoping when we perform tomorrow it goes much better than our first go at it. The floor plan scenes also keep getting more interesting (aliens anyone??). It is interesting to see what ways people come up with to touch the various objects in their space.

Hmmm...what to write?

First off I wanted to say that Amy and Max...your skit was uber funny, especially throwing the "couch cushions" As far as the rest of the class, I bet everybody will now make alterations to our skits now that we know what the task is. I know that Michelle and I are putting the bare minimums in ours! I am kind of sad that this semester is almost over because I love this class and all of the people in it are great. So this blog has been kind of random but Im in a very random mood today! So enough for now. See ya'll in class tomorrow!


ok for the people who have not gone yet for the scene its easier to not have alot of things in your room and it is really hard not try to find differnt ways to touch everything.. and im still nervous about the final projects but i think it will be ok ... and the skit that max and Ami did freakin hilarious lol.. see you guys tomorrow

Max is a CHEATER!

So we had no idea what were goin to do for our floor plan on Tuesday. We just knew that we were boyfriend and girlfriend and that we had to touch everything. I just said that I coulda found out he was cheatin, and we went with it. Once we got into , it was really quite fun. Gettin into arguments seems to be a good way to act out those types of things, bc you dont really have to THINK about actin, you just react. Which is what Fabio has been tellin us we need to learn how to do. When your in an argument, you just fight, you dont think about it.
I cant wait to see how differntly people have changed their scenes since last time. It should be interesting. And yes it is crazy to see that class and school in general is almost over. ITs been a great semester with you all , and i hope i take other classes with all you again sometime :)


It was really helpful to work on our scene in class. We came up with a lot of ideas that I hadn't thought about before that would really make the situation interesting. It will be interesting to see what everyone has for their scenes the second time around that we do them in class. On a side note I can't believe this class is almost over... it has been a lot of fun! See you all tomorrow :)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

water fights and grocery stores

I was hoping that my group would have an activity to do.. i know that the whole black jack deal thing was happening but it would have been fun to have a water fight or run with the bulls or something! I dont know a thing about black jack. i mean i can play but i dont know how the whole money thing works. Oh well... i guess i just wasnt all there today. I hope we get to see more fun stuff next week. Maybe our scenes will be better the second time around.


It was interesting to see what we have to do with our floor plans. Having to touch everything in them makes me kinda happy mine was small. I don't think I could remember everything if it was much bigger than it is. Let's hope we have a good class.

Floor Plan

So it was really interesting to set up our floor plan and then have to touch everything in it. It was a lot more challenging than I thought it would be. Not only did we have to touch each table, but also each chair and every other little object that we had in there. As far as our water balloon fight goes, it's a lot harder to have a water balloon fight without water balloons. I can't wait to see everyone else's floor plans.
It will be interesting to do the floor plan activity and touch everything in the room! I think it will take a lot of concentration! I think that it is mine and Katie's turn to practice the final in class today, so we will see how that goes! We have practiced it a few times so I think we at least have something put together.

Rough Weekend new Week

Feeling a bit under the weather, but I think some well needed rest over the weekend has me energized for the coming week. I'm looking forward to seeing what the class has to offer us next. We have a really great class, and sometimes thats 'the best part of waking up'; that and a big cup of coffee.

Weekend and Class

So I don't remember if I had to post this weekend, Im thinking I didn't but I want to be safe anyways. I just returned from Denver this morning, got back to AU at 5:15am, and then promptly got to work from 5:50-8! Boy was I excited. I hope I am awake enough to be able to devote myself to the acting today. I hope everyone's weekend went well!

floor plan

if we have to touch everything in our florr plan it wil be very difficult. i am wondering what we are goin to have to do while tryin to touch it. balloon fight was interesting. i guess well just see how it goes today in class. see you all there.

p.s. i hope i can talk :(

Ready to Go!

I have a bad feeling about these next couple of weeks. I have a feeling that they are going to DRAG by. I am so ready for summer yet I dont know if I am ready to leave all my Ashland cronies...hmmmm. I understand that is very random but just something to ponder! See ya'll in class!

Floor Scene

yeah, ima have to agree wit max on this one... the floor plan we drew up, we really weren't thinking we were gonna have to touch everything lol.. the scene we decided to do is gonna make this very tough.. but who knows, anything can happen so i a little eager to see how its gonna turn out

Floor Plan

Im a bit worried about the floor plan assignment. my group has a few things that are connected to the ceiling.... hows that going to work. o well i guess ill find out when we have to do it. so did everyone enjoy clint's and my production? let us know what you think... but we dont need any students directing... and Fabio wont like that either. Well see you all in class bright and early. bye

Monday, April 14, 2008

The floor plan exercise is going to be pretty challenging. I know my scene has a ton of things in it so it will be difficult to touch all of them in the flow of the scene.
So the floor plan exercise turned out different than I thought it would. The group that went did a good job. I'm a little nervous about it. I'm not so fantastic at improv sometimes, so we'll just have to see how it goes. People's scenes keep looking better and better (as they should since they have had a chance to watch and learn from others!). I'm hoping ours goes much better the second time around!! See you all in class tomorrow!!

more floor plans

So it has been awhile since we had class last, but I think we were working on the floor plans we made. Now that we know in our floor plans we have to do some activity that really has no relation and while we are doing it we have to touch everything, makes this all seem pretty hard. We have to remember all the details of our plans even if there is not a prop to represent it on stage. The group that went did a good job though! It will be intertesting to see what the rest of the groups are going to do.

Thursday, April 10, 2008


I never really noticed how complex talking can be. There are so many different ways to say the same things and everyone has their own style. Just taking a moment and listening to how people talk back and forth really emphasizes that.
Doing the scene in front of everyone wasn't so bad at all. I think the more we work on ours the better we will be able to act everything out in a more appropriate manner. The exercise where you have to touch every item in the place you made looks okay too, but I only say that because I haven't actually done it yet..

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The honest Truth

Okay, I dont want to be rude but i am going to write down my honest thoughts... not filtered. Whether this is a good thing or not im not sure but here we go.

I thought today was extremely frustrating. Everyone's spark seems to be gone! We need to be excited about this! We have the opportunity to put on a scen in front of each other! Its so much fun! But no one seems excited! Im not saying that they havent been good cause they have... but we all need to get into acting class shape! I co run the youth and literacy team here at Ashland, and we put on these stroytimes where we read to kids and eat food and have fun.. well sometimes the kids get tired of the one activity so we have to stand up and shake out all of our squirminess! Thats what we have to do in class! Stop being squirmy and actually do the scene, do it well, and, as Fabio said today, commit to it!

If this sounds like a lecture then im sorry cause i hate nothing more in the world than i hate a lecture, thats a lie, i hate lots of little trivial things more... like the improper use of the english language for one instance, or those stupid shirts guys wear that have the arm holes down to their waist, so its not actually a shirt its a piece of fabric hung round their neck.. i hate that. ANYWAY, i think its something we all need to check ourselves on
People talk in absurdly different ways. Some people are quiet almost all the time and never raise their voices, others are consistently loud, some have absolutely no volume control and it fluctuates wildly as they go. Then you have the people who have some control over their volume and use their voice correctly. It just seems odd that we can do all of that.


ok so im starting to get a lil nervous about the final projects that we have.. and i thought we would be getting more time in class to work on them. eeek!.. anyways i wonder what we are going to use the floor plans for that we made in class on thursday. well see you guys in class,....


Volume was also played a big part for me while listening to people talk. Like when something was funny or very interesting the person would tend to speak up more and kinda stert laughing b4 they were done with their sentence, and when they found themselves talking about someone certain the volume would go down.

talk the talk

So all this weekend i was in the hospital visiting my mom. So i decided to watch people there. It was weird. People would be laughing outside and talking loudly and just being themselves but as soon as they stepped foot into the hospital the voices went down, the smiles were removed, and the conversations stopped or were changed to something less material. Then when doctors or nurses were laughing or talking loudly the visitors would glare and whisper... like its not allowed to have fun! I understand, i mean i would be upset too f the doctors were haing a grand old time and no one was helping my mom but just the amount of people who had this reaction was kinda surprising. Sooooooo i guess its not like real life situations but maybe it is.


I decided to listen to the way people talk on t.v. I noticed that the people I tend to listen to more and are more believeable are the people who speak at a medeum speed who talk with some volume and who have little to no accents. For me, I just thought that they knew what they were talking about and were believeable.


The one thing that I really noticed while watching other people talk was the volume with which they talked. There are some people who are just naturally quiet and no matter what they say or how they say it, they just naturally talk quietly. I found that there are others who constantly talk loud. Some of them even seemed to yell all the time without even realizing it. I also found that there were those who switched between both. They are quiet one minute and then the next minute they are loud as can be. It was interesting to see all of these in small group of people.

people talkin

i noticed that some people watch other people when they talk. they may look at those around them to see how they are reacting to what they are sayin. some people do not. some people do not care about what others are doing and just say what they need to say. i agree with a post i read about people act differntly when they are lying. that is very true. i think people listen differently as well. u can kinda tell when someone is really listening to what you have to say, or when they are just fakin it like shut up i dont care.

i enjoyed working on the skits once again, and am startin to realize what is asked of us.
i also liked drawing out our little areas in class thursday. not sure what they are for, but im sure we will do something VERY interesting with them.

See you all in about7 hours :)


I noticed a few things when i watch people talk. I noticed that many of my friends use very little movement when talking. I also noticed that people look and act differently when they lie. I was kinda interesting to see but it felt semi stockerish like the other watching people activity that we did. Well see you all later.

Monday Night Postin

So I am not entirely sure if I am supposed to free post. I think we were supposed to write about how people talk to us and how we percieve and respond to it. So depending on my mood, day, time, etc.... I might find someone's harmless remarks completely offensive sometimes. Really anyone can ALMOST say anything, and you should treat them depending on their attitude towards whatever.

Monday, April 7, 2008

I found it really helpful to watch other people perform their skits and then for Fabio to comment on them. Now i have a lot better of an idea what he is looking for in our skits. It's also cool to see how other groups with the same lines acted out their scene and came up with a completely different background story.

skits n stuff

So I really am excited about our final. I have the two best partners ever and we are gonna kick butt! I am having kind of a hard time though because I am reading the same part in two different situations and I keep getting the lines and emotions screwed up. I guess I will get it all ironed out before the final presentation.

See ya'll in class tomorrow!
I thought that going over what is considered an action that an actor portrays really helped to put ideas in our heads about what we can do in our own scenes. I also thought it was interesting that sometimes we do actions but don't even realize that we are doing them at the time. If we really feel the action we are trying to show the audience then our acting is going to be so much more believable.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

I thought class on Thursday was very helpful. Although we spent most of the time going over other people's scenes, it was a great learning experience (well at least I thought so!). I'm sure people felt the same way after watching those of us who went on the first day. Talking about the verbs helped alot. It got me thinking how best to portray my character and how to put life into our scene. I can't wait to see more, and to improve my own.

Oh and Thanks Gwyn! P.S. Gwyn, your idea about Endgame would have been perfect for your scene!!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Hey i missed last post soooo here it goes.. ill write another one later
I thought that the scenes were pretty interesting, i can wait to see what every one else has!
Also, the layouts were fun to make... i wonder what we will be doing with those? Are we gonna have to set up that place in the studio cause i think that might be extremely difficult, esp cause ours is a boat... hmmmm
Lastly, Kevin and Michelle, i thought your scene was so cute. You guys work well together it seems, i cant wait until you have more done and we can see the final thing!
So we have floor plans, a relationship, and a reason why we're there; anyone else see us having to act out what ever is going on in our scene? I would like to know why we needed the floor plan for that though. Maybe just to give us a measure of space in which to work with. I'm not sure really. I guess we'll see in class.

Skit n Floor Plan

In Tuesday's class ron n i decided to try out our skit for the line check, i did not realize at all how much harder it is then what it seems. we do have a lot of practice to do so we'll see how that goes. I feel the floor plan is a good thing to do, because at this point to me it seems that it may be an easier activity compared to the last couple we've done the past month. But who knows, see ya in class!

Floor Plans

So like everyone else, i'm curious to see what were gonna have to do with our floor plans. i kinda have an idea, but with this class u never know. haha when we seperated into our groups to decide where we were, what we were doing, and where objects were located, i feel our group, the only one with three of chose something that will fit good in some kind of way with our personalities, so if we have to act something out i believe it's going to be fun, so i kind of am excited haha


It was nice to get to watch other groups do their final and hear what Fabio had to say about them. This helped me to know what my partner and I should be thinking about and the type of questions that we should be asking while we're working on this. I'm extremely curious about what's going to happen with the floor plans, but I guess we'll find out.
I am also very curious about what we will be doing with those floor plans! Anyways, I got together with my group for the final last night and we worked really hard on it and got a lot of things done. We practiced a lot and I feel like we are finally starting to get somewhere! I am glad we can do them in class and get feedback for the final!

Lines and Floor Plans

I really didn't know that we needed to have as much as Fabio asked for last Tuesday.  Nevertheless it was  really  helpful to see what he would be asking different groups.  On another note I don't really know what to expect from the floor diagrams, but if I had to guess I'd imagine it was an exercise in being able to place objects in a scene. 

On a lighter note, we had a good time hanging out with my roommate and some friends because it was my roommates birthday.  Yeah!
I as well as apparently everyone else is wondering what will come of the floor plans. I am also excited and nervous about the final practices. I think it will be nice to get feedback but i want to have a good idea of what we are doing so that the two practices are not wasted. Well im off to bed.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I too am curious to see what Fabio has planned for the floor plan he had us create. I found a new hobby while creating the floor plan though, the art of cartography.
I too am wondering what we are going to do with the places we picked as well as the characters, etc. I honestly have no idea what we will do other than obvisouly act out something. Those who went first for the final scene were brave, paving the way for the rest of us. I am thinking a lot of the people's original ideas will change as they go through the process of acting it out again.
For the record, my character name for the final is not really Ginger. Kevin and I kind of had to think on our feet in class on Tuesday because we really had very little idea what our scene really was. We had managed to get the lines down and that was about it. We had some back story, but not really enough to make a solid scene or idea out of. It was a little nerve-racking, but I'm glad we went first. Now we are left with plenty of time to adjust what we have and to really get a story and scene down. Constructive criticism is always really helpful!

Other than that, I'm interested to see what we are doing with the floor plan and scene we created at the end of class on Tuesday. (or maybe we aren't doing anything at all...who knows.)


I wonder what we are going to be doing with the places we picked last class. I am thinking it is giong to be something difficult because we had to put a lot of detail into what was around in the space that we chose. Anyway, I like the idea that we get to try out our scenes in class and get some pointers. I think that will really help for the final.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Warmer Thursday

I am glad to see that Ohio is somewhat warming up. I predict a spell of snow soon though, just seems right for OH haha Anyways, I liked not knowing what to do during the first run through of the final. I wasn't worried about getting things perfect, instead just getting them done. I think that without the stress of getting everything right it was easier to think through and act out. Hope everyone is doing great!

Acting-y stuff

So placing the objects in some space was fairly difficult mostly just because you had to remember what all went before you. But I kinda went in the middle both times so it wasn't extremely hard to do. Other than that i went to see the senior show of Allison Toth. It was good times.

Object and Placement

The object placing exercise was interesting. I quickly learned that getting out on the floor is far easier than sitting back and watching a few people go first. With everything compiling getting out there last makes things tough.

Object Placing = ugh

i really liked the idea of the exercise, but i did not like the fact that i went last... everytime i went to go someone else beat me to it lol... but i liked how at first u had to guess what the objects were to try n figure out what time of room or where we were. mainly it was difficult trying to remember everyones objects in order and using/touching them in some kind of way.


So this last exercise of each of us placing an object in the space was kind of challenging. It really forced us to pay attention and really try to see what it was that was being placed and since we had very little time to do this we had to pay attention to every little detail even as the person placing the object. I also found it quite challenging to not only place the object of our own but then use everyone elses object as well. It was difficult to remember everything, but luckily we were able to figure it out with a little bit of help and no one put anything to complicated in the space.