Thursday, April 3, 2008

Hey i missed last post soooo here it goes.. ill write another one later
I thought that the scenes were pretty interesting, i can wait to see what every one else has!
Also, the layouts were fun to make... i wonder what we will be doing with those? Are we gonna have to set up that place in the studio cause i think that might be extremely difficult, esp cause ours is a boat... hmmmm
Lastly, Kevin and Michelle, i thought your scene was so cute. You guys work well together it seems, i cant wait until you have more done and we can see the final thing!
So we have floor plans, a relationship, and a reason why we're there; anyone else see us having to act out what ever is going on in our scene? I would like to know why we needed the floor plan for that though. Maybe just to give us a measure of space in which to work with. I'm not sure really. I guess we'll see in class.

Skit n Floor Plan

In Tuesday's class ron n i decided to try out our skit for the line check, i did not realize at all how much harder it is then what it seems. we do have a lot of practice to do so we'll see how that goes. I feel the floor plan is a good thing to do, because at this point to me it seems that it may be an easier activity compared to the last couple we've done the past month. But who knows, see ya in class!

Floor Plans

So like everyone else, i'm curious to see what were gonna have to do with our floor plans. i kinda have an idea, but with this class u never know. haha when we seperated into our groups to decide where we were, what we were doing, and where objects were located, i feel our group, the only one with three of chose something that will fit good in some kind of way with our personalities, so if we have to act something out i believe it's going to be fun, so i kind of am excited haha


It was nice to get to watch other groups do their final and hear what Fabio had to say about them. This helped me to know what my partner and I should be thinking about and the type of questions that we should be asking while we're working on this. I'm extremely curious about what's going to happen with the floor plans, but I guess we'll find out.
I am also very curious about what we will be doing with those floor plans! Anyways, I got together with my group for the final last night and we worked really hard on it and got a lot of things done. We practiced a lot and I feel like we are finally starting to get somewhere! I am glad we can do them in class and get feedback for the final!

Lines and Floor Plans

I really didn't know that we needed to have as much as Fabio asked for last Tuesday.  Nevertheless it was  really  helpful to see what he would be asking different groups.  On another note I don't really know what to expect from the floor diagrams, but if I had to guess I'd imagine it was an exercise in being able to place objects in a scene. 

On a lighter note, we had a good time hanging out with my roommate and some friends because it was my roommates birthday.  Yeah!
I as well as apparently everyone else is wondering what will come of the floor plans. I am also excited and nervous about the final practices. I think it will be nice to get feedback but i want to have a good idea of what we are doing so that the two practices are not wasted. Well im off to bed.