Tuesday, January 15, 2008

First Class/Observation

Well, after the first class this morning, I am really just interested in seeing how the class is going to progress. It seems like we are going to have alot of fun.

For my observation, I watched people while I waited in a line at Walmart. I always find it interesting to observe people's facial expressions and body language. People are more likely to react nonverbally to a given situation than they are to actually speak up about it. So as the line in Walmart grew, and the cashier moved slower with each customer, it was interesting to view how people's expressions quickly changed from simple disinterest to clear annoyance.

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K8E said...

Hey everyone!! As I looked at my schedule I was surprised to find a room number that really wasn’t a room number. So after about 20 minutes of trying to find room S.TH someone showed me how to get there. And by the way it was a very weird way to get there. We had to go threw a wood shop with hardly any lights on and that kinda creeped me out I’m not gonna lie lol. Then I finally got to the room and I felt a lot better. Then I really did not know what to expect out of the class in general. I had taken drama in high school so I kinda knew what this class was about, but I still was not sure. The first day was a pretty good day; we all got to know a little bit about each other, and we did some good warm up exercises. O by the way the ping pong team, made me laugh lol. So I am looking forward to Thursday’s class. See you guys then !!!! =)