Tuesday, March 18, 2008


So I was horrible at acting like I was trapped in a closet. I just didn't completly sell it. I guess my heart wasn't in it all the way. Anyways, Im excited for the final and my imagination is running wild on ideas that are still appropriate enough to be realistic. Stoked...
So I'm going to jump on the bandwagon and post the day of class. I really have nothing better to do at the moment, so here goes. Class was interesting as always today. I found it difficult to portray being stuck in mud...although it is something that happens to me (seeing as how I'm a total klutz and tend not to pay attention to where i am walking!) I was trying to make sure it didn't seem like i was stuck in quicksand or anything.

As for the final, I'm pretty excited about it. I think it is actually going to be fun and challenging at the same time.

Procrastination in action

I have a ten page paper due at 6. I have two pages done.. so, naturally, im gonna blog instead. I cant seem to bring myself to write this paper. Ive had two weeks and now look what happened. im gonna have to turn it in late tomorrow because im having writers block and cant think of a single thing to say. blah... oh well. a bad grade is not the end of the world.

Im pretty excited about the final project. I didnt seem like it today because i have a cold and am on meds that kind wipe me out so i was half asleep and couldnt feel my feet. does that happen to anyone else? But i think its gonna be pretty cool. the final project not my cold. i cnt wait to actually get into the thick of it and start bouncing ideas off of one another. We just need to look at the script given to us, see what sticks out in our minds and go from there. At least thats what i plan on doing. I dont want to get stuck doing the same old scene but i dont want to over complicate things either. The balance between simple and interesting is a hard one but i think we can all do it. good luck everyone. Yea for acting class!

march 18

Wow im a loser, blogging right after class lol.. i really didnt have anything else to do so o well lol ...Todays class seemed to go by really quicly. And its starting to get hard to think of new things that haven’t used in class already. You have to start thinking “out of the box’ lol.. o and these final projects right now it doesn’t seem to bad but I know it will get harder because I am not that good with memorizing stuff so I apologize in advance lol .. well I will see you guys Thursday !! =)

All Tangled Up.

So the "tangled up" activity was very hard for me. I guess I never really realized the fine line between "tangled" and "entrapped" but all together, this was a very rough activity for me. Hopefully we can do it again and I'll get it right this time. Hope ya'll had a great spring break and look forward to todays class!

Spring Break

I had an okay Spring Break, Its crazy that were back here at AU already. I cant wait to go to class tho im sure were gonna have a lot to catch up on :) I was in a good mood earlier bc i got my laptop back finally.. circuit city owned it for a good 4 months, so its nice to have my baby back! Too bad all my shit is gone from it tho. my music, school files, pictures, aim , limewire, Microsoft Office 2007... EVERYTHING! Thas the downside to them replacing ur hardrive without asking first, but i guess that life !

So now im goin to shower before bed, and get up for my 8 am class tom... cant wait to see u guys at 925... Hoope u all enjoyed your time off, and just think , only 3 more days till EASTER break :)


I dont think I posted for the last class but I remember I was stuck in a parachute and rolled around on the ground awhile while I was struggling to escape the entanglement of whatever I was entangled in I guess. The hardest part was that I have never parachuted before so I really had no idea how many ropes/wires were attatched to my backpack thing and whatnot.


Well last class my entanglement wasnt what Fabio was looking for so I had to act as though I was entangled with an octopus. That my friends was possibly the hardest thing I have done in this class yet. I had no idea why Fabio wanted me to "punch" the beak, though it was fun and funny. Well thats all for me see you all later.


This last exercise was extremely weird and a lot harder than i though it would be. While being entangled sounds like something that would be easy to act out with actually being tangled it was rather difficult. Without your limbs actually being restricted you naturally want to allow them to go anywhere. It took a lot of concentration to keep from doing that. I think that the best way to do this exercise would be to close your eyes and picture yourself being entangled, i know this is what we were told in class but ehh what can you do.