Wednesday, January 30, 2008

"Cult" Sport

Don't let that scarey sounding title scare you off just yet. Hopefully, you all have heard of powerlifting. Well, typically it is referred to as a "cult" sport. I really don't know why though? Anyways, I think powerlifting and I are similar in nature. In a wide spectrum, people have not heard of or are fimiliar with that way of life. People don't care to take the time to understand or expirence what it is really about. Even though there is a stereotype associated with the sport, it is most likely nothing like you would expect. Some sports are for everyone, powerlifting is not one of them. This is because it takes dedication and some hard work to get things to go right, and you don't depend on a team for the win because it is on you. With powerlifting you have good and bad days, achievements and let-downs, blood and tears, expenses, a full time commitment, a fast growing support system, almost certain stress and anxiety, and a burning passion to always want more. Literally, powerlifting and I are not the same. I'm not heard of, I can be misunderstood easily, I've always been stereotyped, my personality isn't for everyone, I take some work to be gotten used to, and I am spontaneous and unpridictable. Most of this probably didn't make sense, but was it meant to?

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