Monday, March 17, 2008

all wrapped up

this activity was alot harder then i thought it was going to be.. i kept on losing sight of the "jump rope" that was tied around my ankles ... then i ran out of ideas of how to get me out of this. .. so i just kept in wrappng the jump rope so it ended up bing like a thrity foot long jump rope lol .. o well i hope your guys brake was good.. see you in class =)
I was not in class on Thursday so I do not know what this tangled activity was all about but it sounds like it was a fun time. It sounds much different than anything we had ever done in class before. I hope that everyone's break was good! See you all tomorow in class!!
The tangled activity was pretty cool i thought. It was definately a step down in difficulty compared to the face immitating activity. It was easy to act out being stuck in a small spider web because that happens all the time but upgrading to the large one was more difficult seeing as i have never been stuck in spidermans web.


the last activity was the tangled activity and i actually found it a lot more difficult then most of the other things we've done. i was supposed to act as if i were tangled in a snake, and it was hard bc snakes move fast n squeeze n me bein afraid of them made it seem weird to try n grab for the head, seems how i would never attempt that i dont think, but guess u'd do anything to stay alive lol


So we had a chance to be tangled up in something. Although I didn't come up with my scenario, it turned out to be a rather good thing. I got caught up in a shower curtain, and though I've never done this outside the class, thankfully, Fabio thought I did my best acting doing it. (Funny how that works.) Not knowing what to do; I just thought that it would be an awkward experience. Because lets face it, not only would getting tangled up in a shower curtain be embarrassing, you'd be naked. Adding to the awkwardness of the whole ordeal. Nevertheless, whatever I did worked. I just hope that I never actually have to experience it.