Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I noticed that when i eat i tend to use my hands more than i should. Most things people eat with forks and knives i tend to pick up and eat. For example, tonight in upper convo i noticed that most of my friends at the table had small food items such as calamari or chicken nuggets. They were all still ate using their forks whereas i picked up the food directly and ate it.


I observed myself eating ramen noodles. I noticed that switch from eating with a fork and sipping it like a drink. I also like to dip the end of the fork in hot sauce and then into the ramen noodles. I also periodically picked up the can of vault that I had to drink. When I was done with the noodles I sipped up the rest of the broth. It was very good.


I observed myself eating when I went to lunch in convo. I got my food and whatever seemed best. I noticed I pretty much always get the same drinks choc. milk, powerade, and vault. I drank all my chocolate milk pretty much as soon as I sat down while I drank the others as I went along. I also cleaned my mouth wiht a napkin after i took drinks. I used my right hand to pickup food with my fork but while I was cutting I used my left hand to hold my food with the fork. I eat eclectically switching what I ate as I went. I pretty much finished everything that I got except for a little bit of chicken.

Eating Observation

During my eating observation I paid attention only to how I ate. I found that I am very deliberate and polite when I eat. Someone in class made the comment that I seemed too polite to be eating corn on the cob when we did the eating exercise, but I have found that this is really how I eat. I am going to attribute this slow, precise eating to the fact that I am kind of a klutz, so I try my best to avoid getting food all over myself. I'm also very particular about people looking at me while I'm eating, because it kind of bothers me. When I eat, I always finish one thing before I move on to another, so if I have a bowl of cereal and toast, I won't touch the toast until I have finished my cereal. Also, if I am eating a piece of bread, or a sandwich, I will pull pieces off and eat them, rather than taking a bite from the whole thing. I never really thought about how prim and proper I probably look while eating sometimes.

Food Watch

So while I was sitting in Convo yesterday and today I watched the people around me eat while paying attention to myself as well. I noticed that with other people some would have a lot of food on their tray but would eat very little of it. Others would only have a little bit but would eat all of it. As far as my eating habits go I found that when I eat in Convo I do the same thing almost everytime. I always get 2 drinks and I always drink out of one and then the other off and on, I never finish a full one before at least starting the other. I also always get a knife, fork and spoon even if I'm only eating cereal. I also noticed that everyone has a different way of eating food. Some of my friends are loud eaters and others are quiet. It was amazing to see just how different everyone eats. No matter how alike two people may seem they still eat differently.

Food watchers

Hey everyone! I eat breakfast, lunch and diner everyday. I have a scoop of egg whites, and a scoop of regular eggs scrambled with a banana a glass of orange juice and a glass of water. Being on the track team we all pretty much eat something like that, eggs and fruit for breakfast. For lunch we all have chicken breast, well all take off the skin of the chicken and then take the chicken off the bone and dip it in some sort off sauce like BBQ or honey mustard or hot sauce. Then we all have milk and water and few people have pop but not too many. For dinner since we all just got done lifting its protein and as much as possible lol and carbs of course. Then we all usually go to the fat bar and see who can make the best ice cream desert combination. That’s just something we throwers do lol. I notice that I wipe my hands off a lot when I am eating so I go through a lot of napkins. I notice that I always get chocolate milk, regular milk and a glass of water for lunch and diner, I also noticed that when no one is sitting next to me that ill put my leg up on the empty chair beside me when im eating. I noticed that when we have all the chicken off the bone we place the bone on the tray to get it out of our way, almost all the throwers do that .I also noticed that I eat a lot and I think I need to tone it a down a bit lol.

eating observation

Today during lunch I payed close attention to what I was doing. After I got my food and sat at the table I got my spooon from my napkin. I had soup and I realized that I would blow on the soup in my spoon before I ate it. When I tasted it I really thought about all the different flavors. I was very hungry so I ate pretty fast. When I wanted a drink I would sit my spoon in my soup bowel and reach for my drink. I realized that I drink quite a few times while I am eating. I think that paying attention to little details when you eat or any other daily thing that a person does would help them become a better actor. If you know what you are doing then it will be much more believeable