Thursday, January 31, 2008

What should i write about.... ME!!

Ohkay so since last class ive been trying to be much more observant about almost everything but i failed. I found that i just got distracted and lost interest. And then i tried to figure out what people did when they were just hanging out... did they act differently or talk differently... but again i lost interest. But during all of this searching and i learned a few things about myself. #1. I am distracted very easily. #2. i tend to sing things when singing is not appropriate... ei. im hungry lets get out of class now! (Art history.. yesterday... much louder than intended.) #3. I like to make lists. I actually knew this one but i figured id explain why i was listing things that none of you prob. care about. lol. Anyway point of this obnoxious rant is that i dont focus well but i think that acting is forcing me to actually pay attention for once. And not sing my thoughts out loud...

Im going to eat breakfast!!!! (song to my roommate)


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