Thursday, January 24, 2008


So today i noticed how much someones actions affect someone else. We tend to imitate each other and change our actions due to what everyone else is doing. Its like this elevator trick i heard of once... its not really a trick more of an experiment slash story. These people got onto an elevator that two other people were already on. When they got situated they stood facing the wall, no the doors like most people do. The other two people then turn around and face the wall themselves. When people come onto the elevator they do the same thing. Its almost like it scares us to be different... okay i guess that's not an Epiphany that's just our tendencies. Like in the exorcise today we mirrored each other yet changed our actions if the other person changes theirs...

We're all followers. Mirroring each other everyday. Crazy.

ps. Racecar is the same forwards and is its a mirror.

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