Thursday, February 14, 2008

It is late

It's pretty late right now and I am still awake. I finally got a start on a speech I had to write and almost have it finished. I had no ideas for it for the longest time and I went to the student center and got away from everything to just clear my mind. I wonder if it will snow at all today.

Happy Valentines Day

well i wasnt sure if we were supposed to post today but oh well haha... all i pretty much have to say is that im sick of my team losing in basketball!! it is my fav sport and i hate losing but the past 2 weeks we have lost in like the last min!! ugh oh well i'll try n not to be soo competitive for now... well happy valentines dayy to all!!!


Why is it when you get work it comes in giant clumps? I have a 5-10 page paper due on monday and a test, a test on fri, and I have a midterm for history tomorrow/thursday. Why don't we just space it out a little so that I can go about my life like a sane person instead of ranting on about the morality of the founding fathers? Is it really necessary to have this all at once? I think not. I'm calling this my formal protest.


As I'm sure that most of you have heard there was a letter writing thing tonight in Redwood to send out letters. A lot of my friends came and wrote anywhere from 10-50 letters which is great. I however, not really sure why, felt the need to write 147. It's safe to say that I have no desire to write another letter anytime soon. I'm still not sure why I wrote that many but I figured it was for a good cause so in the end I guess it was all worth it!