Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I got a feeling somebody's watching me...

Hey Friends.
My excitement for this class cannot fit into a couple of sentences. I have this thing where i need to be the center of attention so acting has always been a favorite of mine... as good or bad as i may be.
Unlike most people i didnt sit in convo and watch people. Im one of those who eat and leave without hanging out. However i did come to class early to see how people interact on the first day of class. Slowly people wandered in, searching for familiar faces without appearing to eager or nervous. For a while it was just one other person and myself... the most awkward moment of the year thus far. We just sat trying not to make eye contact but see if we knew one another. Little by little more people came and did the same thing. Heads down. Eyes on their shoes. Then acquaintances and friends would join their peers and would leave a sad few by themselves. It was funny how the ones left kinda formed an instant friendship. Anyway, im getting to detailed. First day survival skills are a must.

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