Sunday, March 2, 2008

eating exercise

Hello All!!! I remember doing the eating exercise earlier in the year and it doesn’t seem any easier now .. does anyone else think so?? And now adding the talking part its just a lot to think about that’s all.. and its so hard to focus on the eating part when the talking element is added. Its just so hard to remember where you set down everything .. o well practice makes batter right .. see you guys Tuesday !!!


I don't remember if I blogged since Thursday's class so I figured I should go ahead and do one anyways. Since we are supposed to start going back to class related topics this post might sound weird or dumb I think. Acting to me is pretending to be someone or something other than yourself. I hear lots of people say that acting is stupid and who really acts anymore, things like that. Well I took a hard look into myself and realized that my life, unfortunately, is mostly an act. Maybe if people looked into themselves every once in awhile they might realize that there are plenty of actors out there, sometimes as close as looking into a mirror...