Monday, March 31, 2008

Object Placement

So placing all those objects in one room was hard! Perhaps if we would have known for sure positive what type of room it was we would have had a better understanding of what to place there. That's just a thought though. Who really knows!!! Memorizing the script was fun and I cant wait to see everybodys finished product!!! See ya'll in class tomorrow!

object placing

I thought it was really kool to try to place things in the room last week. At first it was pretty easy, then it got harder as more people started adding thing. I thought it was neat how each person was thinking of what the place could have been which is what made them put what they put down. Our minds are all thinking differently, and that is why everyone is so different. We all have our own personalitys and we all see thinsg differently. I really like this class and am excited to see what else Fabio has in store for us.

p.s. I hope everyone remembered to memorize your skit for tomorrow! Cant wait to perform them LoL

See you all in class tomorrow :)


Im mad at myself for last Thursday. I woke up to my alarm at 8:00 and at 8:15 but I did not wake up for the final alarm at 8:30. So I slept though class and now I have to take a hit on my grade. Not only that but we are not all that close to being done. O well im going to go to bed so I will actually get up tomorrow.
I had fun in class when we had to place things in the room. I didn't always know what to add, but it was interesting seeing what everyone put in the room. It reminded me of a memory game like the going on a picnic game. I just got done memorizing my script for the final which is good. I will see everyone in class tomorow!

Did you miss me!!!! lol jk

so it looks like i missed a pretty rough class last thursday while i was in NC for a track meet... the weather was ok excpet for the second to last day wish was 42 and rainy.. it was alot nicer in ohio then it was in NC on that day.. but the other days were 70--85 so i was pretty pumped .. to bad i didnt throw all that great lol.. well i will see you guys in class tomorrow =)
I absolutely sucked at the place exercise we did where each of us had to add something to the room. It would take me almost until the last person went to figure out what the place actually was, then i would have to b.s. something to add to the room, mean while i had forgot what everything was and where it was placed. I guess i'm just an idiot haha.


Ok, so I'm just going to throw it out there that the exercise with placing objects in a room was more difficult for me than it probably should have been. I have a decent memory, however, I guess the more I TRY to pay attention to details, the less I remember. Those of you sitting around me probably saw the look of dismay on my face as more and more people went up and placed objects in the room. It's not that I didn't know what or where the objects were, I just knew I would never be able to remember what everything was. And when I went up front I went almost completely blank, just like I knew I would. Oh well...I'll just look at it as a skill I have not yet acquired and will make a new goal to get better at it! See you all in class!!!
I agree with what gwyn said. I think we have all reached a level where we are comfortable with what we are doing in class, but we need to push ourselves to become even more comfortable/better at what we are doing. I think we will really be able to show how far we can push ourselves when we perform our final because then we can put our own twist on it. See you all tomorrow!