Thursday, February 28, 2008


this offer is no longer available
I have an extra ticket for tonights show! If anyone needs one please facebook me. or call or whatever.

i will post later. this is just a friendly hello.

self humiliation is the best entertainment

So I'm Mr. Phi Kappa Psi for Mr. University and I realized that all I have to do to keep going is blatantly humiliate myself at every possible opportunity because funny is entertaining. What was I thinking when I got myself into this? Though I didn't really get myself into this, I just wasn't paying attention to what was going on and someone said my name and I said yeah. whoops. either way with it drawing near I started practicing my talent which is exceptional self humiliation. This entire affair ought to be fun.

RE : Sniper

yeah that was fun teaming up on gwyn max... but i would like to think i had the kill shot, i mean i did almost have the headshot haha jk but it was fun.. oh yeah, kev thought he was gonna get outta it too, but we got him lol.. i wonder wat will happend tomorrow after class?? payback perhaps???