Thursday, February 7, 2008


The weather this past week has changed so much that is hard to keep track. Just two days ago, I was able to go outside without a coat on and now today when I woke up, I saw snow on the ground. I hear that is supposed to snow all the way through Sunday and on Sunday, be a high of 12 degrees. I think that if it was consistantly cold outside, then the cold weather wouldn't seem as bad. But because of this changing weather, everything seems much worse. Hopefully summer will be here soon!!
Once again i'm gonna comment about what HiltDaStilt had to say on his post, and i totally agree w/ him/ this weather SUCKSSSS!!! i hate how it seems like it'll start to get warmer for like one day, and then the next day it's freezing! Having to run outside everyday really sucks b/c of this and w/ all the weather changing i'm more likly to get sick, and thats one of the biggest fears that most runners have.

Safety Bubble

So, after class on Tuesday I feel like we're all getting too content with ourselves and the way that we do things in class. Hardly any of us have really pushed our boundaries to see what we are really capable of doing. I'm guilty of this too. I feel like if we are going to get any better and reach our true potential we need to help each other to step out of our "Safety Bubble". From what I can see we are all comfortable with each other so all that we need to do is help each other step out of our little bubble.

The Eye of the Storm

You know how the whole hurricane thing works.... its all stormy and yucky and then all of a sudden its peaceful, calm, relaxing... just good. But everyone knows that the worst is yet to come and as soon as the peace came, the ugly pokes back its head in and brews up a wicked awful storm. This week has been a hurricane for me. It started out awful and then just got worse and worse. Today though was just pretty incredible. not in the, everything was super, kinda way but it was just interesting. It started out with getting yelled at by one of my 3 bosses, and having my hair expand 300 times its normal volume due to this silly rain and humidity. I missed classes on Monday because i was sick so i had a butt load and a half of work to do and i was completely terrified of my art classes and how behind i would be and how i might have to drop out of school and live in my parents shed in the backyard and make a living selling macaroni necklaces. Luckily, i did catch up, a good thing, i never did get the hang of the mac necklaces... why waist perfectly good mac and cheese? After all of the chaos was over i felt relived and at peace with myself and the world around me... i felt content which was so lovely after feeling so lost and confused. Anyway, this is a super long way of saying, are the bad times worth it? If i feel so wonderful now in comparison to how i did this morning i have to say yes. And i know that something is bound to come along and let me not be at peace, and i will no doubt freak out and drink way to much caffeine in order to attempt to fix the situation, however without the bad, i wouldn't be able to appreciate the good. I'm in the eye of my own storm, and i cant wait until the next one comes along.

ohio weather

Ohio is the only place in the world where it can be zero degrees one day and then 60 the next. Everything about ohio is awesome except for the weather. If ohio had a florida like climate it would definately be the best state to live in. We have the Browns, Cavs, Lebron James, and Ohio State football and that's all one needs.