Tuesday, April 15, 2008

water fights and grocery stores

I was hoping that my group would have an activity to do.. i know that the whole black jack deal thing was happening but it would have been fun to have a water fight or run with the bulls or something! I dont know a thing about black jack. i mean i can play but i dont know how the whole money thing works. Oh well... i guess i just wasnt all there today. I hope we get to see more fun stuff next week. Maybe our scenes will be better the second time around.


It was interesting to see what we have to do with our floor plans. Having to touch everything in them makes me kinda happy mine was small. I don't think I could remember everything if it was much bigger than it is. Let's hope we have a good class.

Floor Plan

So it was really interesting to set up our floor plan and then have to touch everything in it. It was a lot more challenging than I thought it would be. Not only did we have to touch each table, but also each chair and every other little object that we had in there. As far as our water balloon fight goes, it's a lot harder to have a water balloon fight without water balloons. I can't wait to see everyone else's floor plans.
It will be interesting to do the floor plan activity and touch everything in the room! I think it will take a lot of concentration! I think that it is mine and Katie's turn to practice the final in class today, so we will see how that goes! We have practiced it a few times so I think we at least have something put together.

Rough Weekend new Week

Feeling a bit under the weather, but I think some well needed rest over the weekend has me energized for the coming week. I'm looking forward to seeing what the class has to offer us next. We have a really great class, and sometimes thats 'the best part of waking up'; that and a big cup of coffee.

Weekend and Class

So I don't remember if I had to post this weekend, Im thinking I didn't but I want to be safe anyways. I just returned from Denver this morning, got back to AU at 5:15am, and then promptly got to work from 5:50-8! Boy was I excited. I hope I am awake enough to be able to devote myself to the acting today. I hope everyone's weekend went well!

floor plan

if we have to touch everything in our florr plan it wil be very difficult. i am wondering what we are goin to have to do while tryin to touch it. balloon fight was interesting. i guess well just see how it goes today in class. see you all there.

p.s. i hope i can talk :(

Ready to Go!

I have a bad feeling about these next couple of weeks. I have a feeling that they are going to DRAG by. I am so ready for summer yet I dont know if I am ready to leave all my Ashland cronies...hmmmm. I understand that is very random but just something to ponder! See ya'll in class!

Floor Scene

yeah, ima have to agree wit max on this one... the floor plan we drew up, we really weren't thinking we were gonna have to touch everything lol.. the scene we decided to do is gonna make this very tough.. but who knows, anything can happen so i a little eager to see how its gonna turn out

Floor Plan

Im a bit worried about the floor plan assignment. my group has a few things that are connected to the ceiling.... hows that going to work. o well i guess ill find out when we have to do it. so did everyone enjoy clint's and my production? let us know what you think... but we dont need any students directing... and Fabio wont like that either. Well see you all in class bright and early. bye