Wednesday, February 6, 2008

weather grr....

Ok so about the weather the past couple days.. ok no the past month.. Ohio weather is the worst.. one days its cold and snowy and the next everyone is wearing flip flops and a tshirt to class. its freakin crazy. Then as I am walking to my class it starts raining yea I knew it was supposed to rain but the website I looked at said it wasn’t going to rain till like 3 well it was like 1:30 and raining so I was kinda mad. And so I didn’t think I needed a hood so I didn’t wear one because I did not think it was going to rain ..but guess what it did and who was soaked as she walked into the class room.. me !!!! grr… this weather sucks.. I just want it to stay constant for more then like two days

Mardi Gras

I went to the Mardi Gras Relay for Life "Fat Tuesday" party at the College of Business yesterday. It was a pretty cool event. The proceeds for this event went to the American Cancer Society, so it was for a good cause. They had music playing, good desserts, and good stuff to drink. It was cool to watch them make the bananas with brown sugar and then set it afire. After this they added it to ice cream. It was pretty good, odd tasting though. A hot topping with cold ice cream is something I am not used to.

Wisdom From A Cookie

"Progress is like a wheelbarrow; nothing happens unless somebody pushes."

This is the little piece of fun filled thinking thst I got from my tasty fortune cookie. Of course you could do all kinds of philosophical thinking about how this means you should rekindle your love for clogging and don't give up on becoming the greatest ever this time, or possibly you just need to move a wheelbarrow? I know that in my life there are a couple "wheelbarrows" that I need to start pushing around. Lots of small things get in the way of your goal and cloud your ability to obtain them. I think the best thing to do is to just load up that crap in your own "wheelbarrow" and get to pushing. Maybe people need to know that you can still be persistent at taking steps toward whatever you are trying to achieve while still being able to handle everything else. Each person can have their own "wheelbarrow" and make it however best suits their needs. Some may be big, others smaller, have a flashy paint job, possibly just primer, one wheel, many wheels, but the best thing to remember is.... if it gets to heavy or stuck, don't be afraid of getting help to push through those barriers.

Can't have a rainbow without rain...

So fun fact about me: I love storms. When it started storming last night I was totally thrilled. In fact, I opened my window and then made the decision to go out and run around in the rain. Some of you may think that was a poor decision, considering it wasn't exactly warm last night, and I could very easily have been struck by lightning...but I really didn't care at the time. I've been stressing a bit this week, because there has been a lot going on with classes and with life, so i just needed to escape, so to speak. To be totally honest, it did make me feel better.


So I feel like this week of classes has been long and stressful and it is only Wednesday!! This week I have had studying, papers, and other random homework. I shouldn't be complaining because up until this week I haven't really had much going on in my classes, but I just hate how all the work and studying seems to fall in the same week! Thankfully this class is a stress reliever for me and when I am in this class I don't worry about what all I have to do that day. Basically I can't wait for this weekend and I wish it was coming sooner!

My Trip Down the Stairs

I have never claimed to be the most coordinated girl in the world but I would like to think I can walk from point "a" to point "b" without harming myself. However, this was not the case on Tuesday night. I have a night class in Bixler and I was walking down the steps when I tripped and fell. Since I had my hands in my pockets, I was unable to catch myself as I crashed down a flight of stairs on my face. Talk about painful! After reaching the bottom, I stood up and did a check of all my body parts... hmm i said to myself, nothing is broken! It was at that exact time that the blood began pouring out of my nose and mouth...opps. After stopping the gushing, I walked back to my room where I took some Motrin and went to bed. After the stairs, I decided it would be safer if I just went to bed and didnt walk anymore that night. What a dufus!