Monday, March 24, 2008

Racking Basketballs

during thursday's class the moving an object from one place to another exercise was a little challenging, i think mainly bc i chose to pick basketballs up and set them on the rack. what made this difficult was that after i sat my first ball on, i turned around to get another ball and i really had to concetrate on the serface height of the rack which at that point it was behind me.
Class thursday brought back the game wizbang which seemed to have attracted a large cult following seeing as people stayed after class to play wizbang. Me and joe have some good ideas for our final so prepare to be amazed

Moving Gnomes

Never thought that I'd move a collection of miniature gnomes, but thats exactly what happened last class. Though I'm sure that a gang of them follow me around and move my things when I'm not looking. I was encouraged to note that Prof. Fabio was impressed/surprised when I managed to turn around grab a gnome and place it on its imaginary table top. Its the little things in life; pun intended.

i can't think of a title...

The exercise that we did when we had to keep the surface height of something the same while we put objects on it was pretty hard. It is difficult to maintain the height of something that isnt really there so i just tried to imagine that it was to make it a little easier. I think by doing these exercises where we have to imagine objects will help us when we actually use props because we will be more aware of what we are doing. Oh and the story about that acting teacher that made you clean a pretend room for 45 minutes sounds crazy...