Wednesday, April 16, 2008

So as you all could tell in class i am pretty used to being accused of cheating so i'm pretty good at finnagleing??? if that is even a word, my way out of situations. But it was crazy afterwards how Fabio said that our sketch took forever, because it felt like it was short to me. I'm just telling you all this to prove that it's an easy exercise if you just wing it.
I love that the scenes in class keep getting more and more interesting. Watching other people perform their scenes the past few classes has helped me to understand what we need to do to make our scene better. I'm hoping when we perform tomorrow it goes much better than our first go at it. The floor plan scenes also keep getting more interesting (aliens anyone??). It is interesting to see what ways people come up with to touch the various objects in their space.

Hmmm...what to write?

First off I wanted to say that Amy and Max...your skit was uber funny, especially throwing the "couch cushions" As far as the rest of the class, I bet everybody will now make alterations to our skits now that we know what the task is. I know that Michelle and I are putting the bare minimums in ours! I am kind of sad that this semester is almost over because I love this class and all of the people in it are great. So this blog has been kind of random but Im in a very random mood today! So enough for now. See ya'll in class tomorrow!


ok for the people who have not gone yet for the scene its easier to not have alot of things in your room and it is really hard not try to find differnt ways to touch everything.. and im still nervous about the final projects but i think it will be ok ... and the skit that max and Ami did freakin hilarious lol.. see you guys tomorrow

Max is a CHEATER!

So we had no idea what were goin to do for our floor plan on Tuesday. We just knew that we were boyfriend and girlfriend and that we had to touch everything. I just said that I coulda found out he was cheatin, and we went with it. Once we got into , it was really quite fun. Gettin into arguments seems to be a good way to act out those types of things, bc you dont really have to THINK about actin, you just react. Which is what Fabio has been tellin us we need to learn how to do. When your in an argument, you just fight, you dont think about it.
I cant wait to see how differntly people have changed their scenes since last time. It should be interesting. And yes it is crazy to see that class and school in general is almost over. ITs been a great semester with you all , and i hope i take other classes with all you again sometime :)


It was really helpful to work on our scene in class. We came up with a lot of ideas that I hadn't thought about before that would really make the situation interesting. It will be interesting to see what everyone has for their scenes the second time around that we do them in class. On a side note I can't believe this class is almost over... it has been a lot of fun! See you all tomorrow :)