Sunday, January 27, 2008

working together

First I want to say that I really enjoyed Thursday's class. It was fun to see people really working with and reacting to those around them. As a group, we are starting to become much more comfortable with each other. In the final exercise we did, people really started to be creative and mold what was going on into something bigger. From what I can tell, this should be a fun and interesting semester!


One thing that I have kind of noticed is people's acceptance of others. Every Tuesday and Thursday when I go to acting class everyone in there accepts everyone and works together. It seems that since that situation is away from the rest of the world's judgement that it is ok to converse and work with one another. You feel comfortable around those people on "stage" but as soon as we walk out eveyone is on their phones or going in their own directions. I've run into my classmates throughout campus and say hello but it seems to make some people uncomfortable, like I shouldn't be talking to them outside of the acting element. What makes it so difficult to treat someone the same no matter who is around or where you are at? I'm sure that I am just as guilty of passing judgement as the next person, but no one ever gave me that right to judge someone. If life were like the movies then the good guy would always get the girl, the bad guy always got what they deserved, and everything worked out to be happily ever after. That just sounds crazy and maybe even to mundame, but it would be a nice change of pace...