Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I also think that the final will be an interesting challenge. I thought that it was interesting that all Fabio gave us were very very simple lines. It should be interesting to see what everyone does with the scripts that they were given. Thats all for now see you all in about 9 hours and 25 min.
The trapped activity i thought was a little more difficult than the tangled activity, but i guess things should progressivly get harder. The final should be cool and i noticed that atleast one other group has the same script as my group so it will be interesting to see the different interpretations of the script we each come up with
I don't think that I've ever received the final so far in advance in a class before. I think professors like to have something to hold over their students up till the very last moment... or they're like me and didn't plan that far in advance and haven't even thought about the final, let alone have something to give to their students. Anyway, kudos to Prof. Fabio for being on top of it. And whatever happened to Whiz-bang?

talking is more complicating than i thought!

So I realized during the tangled activity that when talking is factored in it sometimes makes it more difficult! I thought that if we were able to talk it would be a lot easier to act because all the attention wasn't focused on just what you were doing. If you add talking to your acting (especially in situations like we did where the person is most likely not comfortable or okay with what is going on) then you REALLY need to make what you say believable through your emotions. Acting is much harder than it looks!

p.s. I agree with everyone else... the final project seems like it is going to be fun but challenging at the same time. It will be interesting to see how everyone puts their own twist on their scenes.