Monday, February 11, 2008


a buddy of mine is sending his girl a empty gray goose bottle full of candy hearts haha. I personally think its very romantic but girls let me know what you think. Not having class tomorrow is awesome too.

conversation hearts

Yes, I mean the little candy hearts that have words on them. Despite the fact that I am not a fan of valentine's day, I still love these little candy hearts. And yes, I do read every single one of them before I eat it. Some of them actually make me laugh. I'm pretty sure I just found one that said URA Tiger.....yeah true story right there. Anyways, my childish naive side still enjoys all of the cheesy little lines.


The nutter butter desserts in convo are amazing. I just had to say that because I ate one today and thought that it was worth writing about. My favorite meal of all time there, though, is the Mandarin Chicken Salad. Yum. I eat the same type of eggs every morning for breakfast, from the same line. I usually get a scrambled egg with cheddar cheese on a croissant with a hint of hot sauce. Keep up the good work, convo.

talking!!!! is my favorite

I am so excited that we get to talk starting tomorrow.. any one who knows me knows that I like to talk .. A LOT!! I will pretty much talk to anyone.. ok if I have a crush on someone then it takes me some time to work up the courage to talk to them .. cause I ramble … I think im even rambling in this post but owell .. Some… who am I kidding Everyone makes fun of me for my stories that I tell.. when I tell a story they always have something to do with the conversation that is taking place.. well in my mind they do.. then people ask me how the story I just told fits in with what we were just talking and then I have to back track and somehow I confuse my self in the process . so I hope this whole talking thing helps me lol … see you guys in class tomorrow =)

we get to talk!

First of all listen to how annoying this is! I just typed up my blog and then I went to post and it said that there was an error so now i have to RETYPE it! frustrating :( . Anyways I was thinking about how we have gone to class for four weeks now and we have learned how to observe what is around us and do what is real, what we actually see. I think that next class on Tuesday is going to be so different because we are going to be talking while acting... weird! I am excited for the next step!

Whiz Bang

I have no idea if I spelled that right but I rather enjoyed our game of Whiz Bang on Thursday. It was kind of tricky at first trying to remember how things were to be done and what you could do based off of what other people did. It was quite enteraining when we first started to watch the people around me and to see their reactions when they would use the wrong hand or the wrong noise. It was great to be able to stand there as a class and laugh together while still learning to interact with each other without actaully talking.

The Salsa Jar!!!

Let me just start by saying that after Thursday's class, I think we are all starting to get comfortable with oneanother and we arent really caring what happens because there is no right or wrong way to do what we are doing... is that confusing?!?! I really enjoyed the individual activity in class because it helped me to focus more on me and not the noises around me. I really enjoyed Melanie's rendition of opening the salsa can. I have never seen her open one. Normally, she would hand it to me and say "open this." Seeing her top rate strategy made me realize that she can open her own darn salsa jars from now on!!!