Monday, February 25, 2008

This weekend

This weekend went really well. I had some friends down from home so that was fun. I also to a quick trip home with one of my roommates that was also fun. Btw I really hope my hat is in the studio theater somewhere because i left it there on thursday and I have not had time to go get it. Well im going to go. Im looking forward to class. See you all tomorrow.

whoa whoa weeeee

i have no idea what to write about.. i kinda forgot to blogg and i forgot to think of somthing before i started to type. but since i need to improvise in class i might as well start somewhere.. class is going very smoothly.. its challenging but fun at the same time and i love it.. its my fav class of all time .. except for lunch lol anyways.. keep up the good work guys!!!! see you tomorrow =)


Class progression seems to be coming along. everyone is learning new things everyday, and i think that class gets more enjoyable each time i get to come. looking forward to class tomorrow

crazy day

I woke up, went to class, rushed around, spent the day in columbus, met a senator, rushed back, went to night class, worked some more and now I am not motivated to do any homework whatsoever. The weekend was cool though, just relaxing, watched the magician, went to the play, and actually went home Sunday. Cool.

ohh another break that I wont get to enjoy!

baiscally im so pissed that i just retyped the same post 4 times and still had an error that im not even gonna do it again. I will post later what i was going to say, but rite now im about to punch this computer right out of a patterson window. Bc i am poor and would not be able to afford that i will just simply post this crappy, no fun post and move on. Sorry its so short but right now SO IS MY TEMPER!

I still cant wait for class tomorrow tho :)

Agh, Physics

I hate Physics. Anytime I have a question on a test the relies solely upon some obscure formula and includes the words "Luck Skywalker" and "Death Star" we've gone someplace unpleasant. I just hope that the test is curved. In other news, I'm looking forward to the simplicity of our class. Unless of course it involves Star Wars or math.


So I tried three times this weekend to post and everytime I would get to the end and it would error somehow. This made me upset. So unfortunatly this will be short and sweet. I saw a bunch of skinny "ripped" guys in the gym and it made me remember a quote....

"I'd rather be fat and strong as hell, than skinny and weak."

Haha I thought it fit well! So sorry to all you slender guys, that just ain't for me.

ohio weather

If i see snow in march i'm going lose my mind. Ohio weather sucks! If there were acting for non-major classes at Florida State i would transfer.

I want warm weather!

I am completely jealous of anyone who is going somewhere warm for spring break. All I want to do is go to a beach or do anything outside in warm weather, but instead I get to spend the week in cold Ohio. I am over the whole cold winter season and can't wait for spring/summer to get here!!

The little things

So not to be a total negative Nancy, but for the most part this weekend was terrible. I spent most of my weekend fighting with the people I care about most. And everyone knows that even the smallest argument with people you are close to can be really upsetting. However, despite all of that, I still found reasons to smile this weekend. Actually, little things made me happy. i guess the little things mean more when you really need a pick-me-up. For one, the snow made me very happy, as it always does. Also, I am not a fan of children, but all of the little sibs and kids this weekend made me smile. I really enjoyed watching a bunch of miniature versions of people I know run around campus.