Thursday, April 24, 2008

Doing my scene a second time really helped to flesh out the character. He used to be a little too one dimensional now I think with the tweaks I added in he ought to be a better responsive character to what's going on. I'm still kinda excited for summer even though it means we'll not have the crazy class together.
I was not in class last time, but the time before that, Katie and I got to give our final scene. I was happy with the way it went and we now have a better understanding of what we need to do. Everyone's final secnes are coming along good and it is exciting to see how everyone's changes over time. The play I went to see last night was good I liked all of the acts and they were really funny.
Well i dont really have too much to say since i was just in the audience last class, but i did enjoy everyones finals and how they were coming along and then the floor plan activity skits. Everyone seems to be comin along great and i can def tell theres been some improvement in everyone so far.

Only couple more weeks left!!!


First off, I went last night to see the one acts and they were hysterical. I really liked "The Gate" and the one with the weird girl, I just dont remember the name! As far as our finals, I really think that they are coming along quite nicely. I really like Aaron & Clint's. Also Michelle & Kevin's was really good. Im glad that I am done with the exercise in which we had to touch everything because I was kind of worried about it but it turned out ok I guess. See ya'll in class!

ps: class twister SOON!!!


After doing our scene for the second time I feel like we have plenty to work with. The only part that I am worried about is coming up the right actions for each line. I'm afraid that I will use the same action twice only it will have a different name or that I will use an action that's not strong enough. Luckily me and my partner still have time to figure all of that out.