Sunday, January 20, 2008


For this assignment I sat in my room while I several friends over and I heard many interesting things. One of my roommates is listening to some pop music. My other roommate is complaining about his computer and how its not working how he wants. I also heard my friends tring to order pizza over the phone. I could also hear the tv. Its interesting to actually pay attention to all the sounds that are around you.


For the listening assignment I just sat in my dorm room and listened to what was going on not only within the room, but also in the hallway and outside. From outside I could hear cars as they drove by. In the hallway, I could hear doors opening and closing and footsteps moving towards the end of the hall. I could hear music playing in the room next to mine, and girls laughing across the hall. Within the room, I could hear the buzz of the filter on my roommates aquarium and pepole moving around in the room above mine.


For this listening exercise I sat in the rec center. I was in the area where the equipment is for working out and I heard many different things around me. I was able to hear some peoples music that was playing through their headphones, people walking, runners on treadmills, machines klinking together, heavy breathing, and talking. I never really realized all the sounds I drowned out throughout my day.