Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Warmer Thursday

I am glad to see that Ohio is somewhat warming up. I predict a spell of snow soon though, just seems right for OH haha Anyways, I liked not knowing what to do during the first run through of the final. I wasn't worried about getting things perfect, instead just getting them done. I think that without the stress of getting everything right it was easier to think through and act out. Hope everyone is doing great!

Acting-y stuff

So placing the objects in some space was fairly difficult mostly just because you had to remember what all went before you. But I kinda went in the middle both times so it wasn't extremely hard to do. Other than that i went to see the senior show of Allison Toth. It was good times.

Object and Placement

The object placing exercise was interesting. I quickly learned that getting out on the floor is far easier than sitting back and watching a few people go first. With everything compiling getting out there last makes things tough.

Object Placing = ugh

i really liked the idea of the exercise, but i did not like the fact that i went last... everytime i went to go someone else beat me to it lol... but i liked how at first u had to guess what the objects were to try n figure out what time of room or where we were. mainly it was difficult trying to remember everyones objects in order and using/touching them in some kind of way.


So this last exercise of each of us placing an object in the space was kind of challenging. It really forced us to pay attention and really try to see what it was that was being placed and since we had very little time to do this we had to pay attention to every little detail even as the person placing the object. I also found it quite challenging to not only place the object of our own but then use everyone elses object as well. It was difficult to remember everything, but luckily we were able to figure it out with a little bit of help and no one put anything to complicated in the space.