Tuesday, January 15, 2008

First Class

First off having class at 9:25 sucks, but this class might not seem too bad bc i didnt get bored or tired at all. When I walked in it felt a little different being in the studio theatre and all. Getting to know each other wasn't that bad and hearing the plays or musicals that the others have seen was cool too. We stood in front of the class for the first exercise, to show how uncomfortable it can be just standing there in the front of the room w/ ppl looking at you, rather than tryin to look at other objects that take your mind off the audience. Acting like we were watching a ping pong match was also interesting, and the other group watching a golfer tee off.

Assignment: For about 10 min, I sat in convo and just observed my surroundings, as if i wern't even there. I was sitting at the Track/XC table which is located beside the windows in the back. As I took a gander around the room, there were many lips/mouths moving which appeared to me a number of coversations all going on in the same moment of time. It was kind of interesting looking at the many people, whom may not realize me looking at them or knew i was there, or even knew I exist.

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