Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Quote Homework

So I was thinking about how to change up my quote installment and still be able to catch your attention. This is my idea... The quote is called "The Squat" by Dale Clark in 1983. Here comes the homework part, you have to google it and read it for yourself. If you do then I will know you actually care about what is going on with me upstairs haha

By the way, I got my ticket for the play. I'm going Saturday and sitting in section 5. Is anyone else going to be there??? If you have not bought your tickets, please go on saturday and sit in section 5 with me! lol
I really enjoyed the whiz bang game, though admittedly I was not very good at it. I guess there's always room for improvement. Nonetheless, I had a fun weekend. Got to visit the family and go out for a while. My roommate had some friends over on Sunday for the Daytona 500. We were all rooting for his favorite driver, (go Dave go). Though he had a good run, he did have a crash towards the end of the race and was knocked to the back of the race.

High School

I graduated in 2006...or did I? Sometimes I wonder if I really did leave high school. I was looking forward to graduation and being able to be with mature people. Instead most of this semester alone has been so much of this "he said", "she said", or
this person did this" that I'm actually getting mad about it. I know that this sounds really stupid and a lot of you are probably reading this thinking "man I wish he would just stop" but you know what? I'm not going to. We graduated from high school and it's time that we start acting like we're in college and grow up.


Hello all!!! i just wanted to say good luck to Amy at her bball games!!!! .. o and i had really nothing to do this weekend.. i just had a meet this past weekend and i did ok i guess.. and i saw gwenn today and she told me about her long blog and she was like yeah was just writing and i posted it and it was super long . i doubt no one will read it.. well i did read it and i got to like the 5 sentence and i stoppped lol.. so you were right.. dont take it personal i just had a short attention span lol .. well thats my blog lol as lame as it is ... see you guys tomorrow !!!!