Wednesday, March 26, 2008

the substance activity was a little weird to me. when half of us stood up at the same time and the other half watched and fabio would give us instructions no one did anyting different from what i saw. I know i just stood still in both instances but he said we did it right so maybe doing nothing out of the ordinary was the exercise.

nothing really to say.

I wonder what we will do tomorrow?

thats the extent of my post. I am baffled with what could possibly come next... and its hard to baffle me.

today was a rough day so i hope tomorrow's class can brighten my mood.

ps. Brandon we need to work on our project. Remind me.

Nothing New

Well not much new happening, just waiting to see what Fabio has in store for us next class.


When we were closing our eyes and imagining that we were in some kind of substance last class, I really started to feel like I was actually in it. It's weird how if you imagine something, your mind can start to make you believe it is real. I also think it's crazy that we were all given the same directions but we all probably came up with different substances. Life would be so boring without imagination.