Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Eating Observations

Hey there all. I really enjoyed doing the eating exercises or skits today in class. You can't really go wrong with food! haha Anyways, I observed how I ate, and how those around me ate their lunch. I already knid of knew this, but I don't tend to deviate from what I eat very often. The first meal of the day I get egg whites, carbs, and some protein. Lunch I usually eat chicken breasts and rice (if it is there) along with a vegtable or other conscious side. Dinner is just about like lunch, but I am willing to eat more red meat main dishes I guess. So about my lunch, I kind of eat all of one thing before starting in on the next thing. I don't really put in any thought, I just eat. I noticed the people around me kind of don't put alot of thought into what or how they are eating. Most of it is whatever looks good or sounds tasty. Really I didn't notice any one seperating their foods as far as the order they ate them either. It definately didn't look as dry and methodical as we made it in class!

First class/Watching

The first class gave me an idea of what this class is all about. I am ready for anything, and cant wait to see whats in store for later. Sadly enough, I am behind on blogging which upsets me. For some reason I could not access it but now I can am I am happy about that :) I cant wait to get to know everyone in the class more.

For the watching assignment, I chose to watch people in the Rec Center. I sat in the lobby downstairs by the pool tables, and the ping pong tables. There were a lot of people playing basketball, and a lot of people working out. There were a few playing pool or ping pong, and there was a family there that was playing Wii. There were a small group of people scattered throughout the pool and hottub, and then some people alone just watching tv in different locations.

I am rather upset that I will be missing class this Thursday due to basketball. I will probably blog if there is computers that I will have access to on the road. I want to stay updated with what we are doing in class. Im sure it will be interesting.

p.s. if you guys think its cold here in Ashland, just imagine how cold I'm going to be in the Upper Pennisula in MICHIGAN!


This morning I was laying in bed, since I woke up before my alarm went off. I layed there and listened to the wind outside, and the trees hitting up against the side of the building. I heard car doors open and shut, and people talking. I also heard the sound of cars pulling in and driving off. There were some people walking in the hallways, but not many. In my room I heard the sound of the showers running and the toilets flushing. I could hear the humming sound of the heater and clicking of it from time to time. I heard my friend snoring too. Then I finally heard the sound of my alarm go off, which made me realize it was time to go to basketball practice.....I was NOT happy to hear that!