Monday, April 7, 2008

I found it really helpful to watch other people perform their skits and then for Fabio to comment on them. Now i have a lot better of an idea what he is looking for in our skits. It's also cool to see how other groups with the same lines acted out their scene and came up with a completely different background story.

skits n stuff

So I really am excited about our final. I have the two best partners ever and we are gonna kick butt! I am having kind of a hard time though because I am reading the same part in two different situations and I keep getting the lines and emotions screwed up. I guess I will get it all ironed out before the final presentation.

See ya'll in class tomorrow!
I thought that going over what is considered an action that an actor portrays really helped to put ideas in our heads about what we can do in our own scenes. I also thought it was interesting that sometimes we do actions but don't even realize that we are doing them at the time. If we really feel the action we are trying to show the audience then our acting is going to be so much more believable.