Thursday, February 21, 2008

Slipping Away.

For everyone who thinks their lives are slipping away from them.

I agree. Life sucks. But it will get better. it always does.

Today i failed an art history test, cried in front of.. not one, not two, but three and more people (one being my boss and one being my coworker, and the others being my classmates) did not get the RA position, had a fight with 2 friends and had a gross serving of pasta.

But even though i have no idea how im goign to afford next year, and my job kinda stinks, and im far to overwhelmed and people dont like my art... nothing story.. im not going to be destroyed by it.... not today at least. Do you ever feel like this?

Oh mind stop

Stop spinning

Stop twirling

Stop aching

Be still

Be calm

Be silent

Always going

Always moving

Always quicker than light

Oh please stop

For just one moment

Give me peace

Give me quiet

Let me rest

And not be bothered

Stop planning

Stop organizing

Stop rehearsing lines

Just stop,

Please stop,

Slow down…

Just stop





I don't know how anyone else feels about taxes, but I hate them. I've tried everything from having a professional prepare them for me to doing them myself with TurboTax. I've even filed away all my tuition and W2 forms so that I would have all the info I needed this year and it still took over two hours to read through each line. Whoever invented the 1040 should be shot. Just my opinion.


I really enjoyed the last class when we were able to talk. I felt like I was on whose line is it anyways? I think that it is much harder now that we can speak though. You have to think about how other people would act and talk without overacting or being too cheesy. So I think that this is a challange but it is so much fun. We weren't able to talk for so long now that we can, it is hard and I dont always know what to do.


I was told about the eclipse a little to late to see it full on, but what I did get to see was pretty cool. I'm just kinda sitting around watching to stats page of a online text-based game called legend of the red dragon. Its a very competitive player vs. player game. If anyone wants to play the site is with no www. in the front. If anyone does decide to play I can explain and/or give a crash course in how to play. Well thats all for now. See you all in class.


So my last post from 2 days ago b4 class isnt on here, so that really sux!!! i think the problem is the wireless internet on campus, which really sux too. i'm sick of being in the middle of doing somethin online n then my internet losing signal and not working! the worst thing besides my last post not posting was when i was putting pictures on facebook and i put like 50 on there from a couple weekends ago, went through tagged every individual picture and added a caption for each (which can take up a lot of time) and as i hit the save button i get the cannot display page; in other words the fn internet lost signal!! so i had to go back thru n do everything all over again =( .... ugh i'm really starting to get sick of it!

stressed out

well i have a lot to say, but if i said it all this post would be extremly long. basically i just need a break from everything, from school, from basketball, from ASHLAND from hw, from everything. I just need some ME time and now days its really hard to find that. Im hoping within the next couple weeks i will be able to finally go home for once and see my friends n family. i really miss them and not having ne breaks here sucks :( but i will say that having class with all you fine people makes life just that much easier, so im hoping tomorrows class will cheer me up, so see you all tomorrow, and i didnt see the moon bc it was way to cold outside for me to go out and watch, im sure they will show it on tv somewhere , as now everything that happens is on tv...gotta love the world!


I too saw the lunar eclipse but it wasn't all it was cracked up to be. I was in the library and some old dude came up to me and told me that there was an eclipse going on so i went outside with like 20 other people and stood there freezing to see the moon a slight shade of orange. Ohio weather sucks....

Boy oh Boy!

So tonight I had to play the part of a caring awesome grand daughter and go out to eat with my Gma/Gpa and cousin who is in college at ATI Wooster. Wow! What a bore fest. I love my grandparents and my cousin but the grandparents can be kind of boring at times. We went to Longhorn in Wooster and then woohoo, they suprised me with Cold Stone ice cream so my week was made!!! See everyone tomorrow!