Thursday, April 17, 2008


So I was thinking over my lines the other day, and I didn't realize that I was actually saying them out loud... Lets just say that there are a few more people around AU that think I am strange!
The exercise where you have to touch everything is going to be somewhat difficult but the other groups are doing a nice job so far. It is kinda funny to see how different of an approach another group with the same lines we have is taking.

final scene

Well last class was the first time that Katie and I did our scene and I think it went pretty well. I am excited to see how it will work and change over the next couple of weeks. I just hope that I do not laugh in it because Katie acts so crazy! We will just have to keep practicing over and over untill we feel comfortable with eachother.

Dialogue Practice

My first time doing my dialogue was a little nerve racking, but I think I learned a lot from the experience.  Fabio was very helpful and gave a lot of advice to us.  I think I just need more practice and then I might be as good as the others.  
Doing the floor plan was allot of fun and i really thought that we did a good job at it as well. I m interested to see what Fabio has up his sleeve for the next few classes and I hope that whatever the activity that it is as enjoyable as this one. Well its late and I need sleep see you all tomorrow.

Floor Plan Scene

at first i was a little skeptic about how our choice of a floor plan would work out but when Fabio assigned us personalities, it made the scene easier for us to develop a way to touch all the objects. i found our scene pretty funny and think everyon else did too. haha


It's nice to watch other people do there finals scene in class. While it helps them work some things out, it also helps me to evaluate my own scene in my head and think about things that i could do differently or ways to make the scene better. It was also nice seeing the floor plan excercise instead of being the one doing it. I enjoyed seeing how other people would use everything in their space. I can't wait to see more of them.