Thursday, February 28, 2008


this offer is no longer available
I have an extra ticket for tonights show! If anyone needs one please facebook me. or call or whatever.

i will post later. this is just a friendly hello.

self humiliation is the best entertainment

So I'm Mr. Phi Kappa Psi for Mr. University and I realized that all I have to do to keep going is blatantly humiliate myself at every possible opportunity because funny is entertaining. What was I thinking when I got myself into this? Though I didn't really get myself into this, I just wasn't paying attention to what was going on and someone said my name and I said yeah. whoops. either way with it drawing near I started practicing my talent which is exceptional self humiliation. This entire affair ought to be fun.

RE : Sniper

yeah that was fun teaming up on gwyn max... but i would like to think i had the kill shot, i mean i did almost have the headshot haha jk but it was fun.. oh yeah, kev thought he was gonna get outta it too, but we got him lol.. i wonder wat will happend tomorrow after class?? payback perhaps???

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Get It Together

I realized this week that I really need to get my stuff together. We're coming up on the halfway mark of the semester soon and I feel like I just keep falling further and further behind. I think that this is due to the fact that I don't have any homework that is actually collected and graded. I realize now that even though it's not being collected I need to keep up in my classes by completing the homework. It's hard now because I have to get myself into the rythym of getting it done. Hopefully I'll get caught up with my classes and stay on top of my grades.


Well i had a very interesting tuesday morning this week. At about 1 in the morning me and my roomates decided to go outside and play in the snow a bit. I build a snow man on the patio of a&h and also I had rolled a snow ball that was up to my sholders in height to start a snow man but unfortunatly it broke so me and my friends decided to make one out of the ruins and that was on the steps near the rec center. We also had a massive snowball fight. It was so fun and Ilove snow. We didnt get back into the room until almost 4 in the morning. Good times.


This weekend, I went to Kalahari indoor water park. I had a blast! It was nice to be able to wear a bathing suit and go swimming when the weather was so cold outside. I went on some slides, went in the wave pool and just had fun. There was also an indoor/outdoor hot tub which was cool because once you got outside, it was warm, but there was snow all around you. I had fun and hope to go back soon!!

Busy and okay with that...

So I had an interview yesterday, and it went well. Got a call today and I got the internship! I do a lot of web stuff, and this is an Advertising and Web Design company in town so this should be a good fit for me. Anyway, I've been really busy with the school paper "The Collegian", since, yup, you guessed it, I maintain their website. It may not seem like a lot, but its a beast.

Also, I've got a lot of projects,, some fun, others not so much, coming up at my campus job . I just need to make sure I get enough sleep tonight, because tomorrow is a school day, ( I work MWF and have classes TTH) and I've been cutting it short lately. Nevertheless, I'm feeling pretty good and am looking forward to class.


Not to brag but gwyn and i got into a snowball fight after class on tuesday, which she started, and i won by hitting her in the spine with a 5 pound snowball the size of a large human head. To the rest of you take heed before you throw a snowball at me.

hope everyone is having a good day!

I couldn't really think of anything that I wanted to write about today so I just wanted to say I hope everyone is having a good day! Besides all the stuff I have had to do today and all the homework that is still waiting for me, today has been pretty good! I will be much more happy though when the weekend gets here. See you all in class tomorrow!


So today is offically my first real DAY OFF, of the entire year! I have NO CLASSES and also NO BASKETBALL PRACTICE!! I dunno what to do with myself, i guess im goin to just study lol bc i have big marriage and fmaily test tom, and thas about it. I just love laying around and doing whatever and not having to be anywhere at a specific time. IT FEELS GREAT! Well as usual class was interesting and i cant wait to be there again tomorrow. Hope everyone is enjoying the snow as much as i am... espcecilly when i had to DIG my car out of the parkin lot this morning to go to the bank :) I definately have to say that i loved snow alot more in high school when we got SNOW days, but here in Atown, they dont exist!

"Sunshine doesn't kill people"

I am one of those crazy people who is totally in love with snow. It makes me sad when people complain about the snow or talk about how terrible it is. I think it is beautiful. Who doesn't love everything covered in white, and big fluffy snow flakes falling from the sky? Snow just makes me happy. My roommate, on the other hand, thinks snow is disgusting. She constantly tells me that I shouldn't love snow because it's ugly and causes car accidents . Yesterday, after talking about how snow causes death she said "Sunshine doesn't kill people". My brilliant response to this was "Sure it does....Melanoma!" (Ironically, we were walking to a tanning salon when we had this conversation)

4 am

I, along with everyone else in Amstutz hall, was up at 4 this morning because of the fire alarm. I am dreading the rest of the day because I know I will have a lot of work to do. Coffee, Cappacino, or an energy drink? I will probably end up drinking some coffee today because its cool (or hot).

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

oh the weather outside is frightful...

This will be the shortest post ever cause most of mine are 7 pages long.

A side note on today- I really do like my tattoo and it wasnt a mistake.. lol. i just wanted to let ya'll know. i tend to say stuff thats not true when under pressure or in acting classes... so yea. thats just been going through my head all day!

I LOVE the snow! It was so exciting today getting out of class and being in a snow globe! i made a snow man- and hit people with snow- and froze my fingers off and it was perfect. snow just makes you happy.

the end.

Holy Crap

so it's one o'clock rite now and i had a basketball game earlier n then went to the eagles nest for awhile, so prob bout after 11 is the last time i was outside.... well 20 min ago i look outside bc i heard ppl yelling, and it was freakin snowing like crazy!!! its so weird that all that snow came down in such a short period, needless to say i didnt even kno it was supposed to be like this lol..
so i'm prayin that we get an email saying class is cancelled tomorrow, b/c its my only class haha and i dnt really wanna be out in this crap!!!

Taco Bell

I'm pretty sure that most of you will agree with me that Taco Bell is amazing at like 3 in the morning. This past weekend I went to Taco Bell way too much. Over the weekends I usually work and cannot make it to convo while it is open and this weekend I decided to just go to Taco Bell. I never thought that I would get sick of it but let me tell you I really did. I had it twice on Saturday and three times on Sunday. Needless to say if I never ate Taco Bell again I would be happy.

Monday, February 25, 2008

This weekend

This weekend went really well. I had some friends down from home so that was fun. I also to a quick trip home with one of my roommates that was also fun. Btw I really hope my hat is in the studio theater somewhere because i left it there on thursday and I have not had time to go get it. Well im going to go. Im looking forward to class. See you all tomorrow.

whoa whoa weeeee

i have no idea what to write about.. i kinda forgot to blogg and i forgot to think of somthing before i started to type. but since i need to improvise in class i might as well start somewhere.. class is going very smoothly.. its challenging but fun at the same time and i love it.. its my fav class of all time .. except for lunch lol anyways.. keep up the good work guys!!!! see you tomorrow =)


Class progression seems to be coming along. everyone is learning new things everyday, and i think that class gets more enjoyable each time i get to come. looking forward to class tomorrow

crazy day

I woke up, went to class, rushed around, spent the day in columbus, met a senator, rushed back, went to night class, worked some more and now I am not motivated to do any homework whatsoever. The weekend was cool though, just relaxing, watched the magician, went to the play, and actually went home Sunday. Cool.

ohh another break that I wont get to enjoy!

baiscally im so pissed that i just retyped the same post 4 times and still had an error that im not even gonna do it again. I will post later what i was going to say, but rite now im about to punch this computer right out of a patterson window. Bc i am poor and would not be able to afford that i will just simply post this crappy, no fun post and move on. Sorry its so short but right now SO IS MY TEMPER!

I still cant wait for class tomorrow tho :)

Agh, Physics

I hate Physics. Anytime I have a question on a test the relies solely upon some obscure formula and includes the words "Luck Skywalker" and "Death Star" we've gone someplace unpleasant. I just hope that the test is curved. In other news, I'm looking forward to the simplicity of our class. Unless of course it involves Star Wars or math.


So I tried three times this weekend to post and everytime I would get to the end and it would error somehow. This made me upset. So unfortunatly this will be short and sweet. I saw a bunch of skinny "ripped" guys in the gym and it made me remember a quote....

"I'd rather be fat and strong as hell, than skinny and weak."

Haha I thought it fit well! So sorry to all you slender guys, that just ain't for me.

ohio weather

If i see snow in march i'm going lose my mind. Ohio weather sucks! If there were acting for non-major classes at Florida State i would transfer.

I want warm weather!

I am completely jealous of anyone who is going somewhere warm for spring break. All I want to do is go to a beach or do anything outside in warm weather, but instead I get to spend the week in cold Ohio. I am over the whole cold winter season and can't wait for spring/summer to get here!!

The little things

So not to be a total negative Nancy, but for the most part this weekend was terrible. I spent most of my weekend fighting with the people I care about most. And everyone knows that even the smallest argument with people you are close to can be really upsetting. However, despite all of that, I still found reasons to smile this weekend. Actually, little things made me happy. i guess the little things mean more when you really need a pick-me-up. For one, the snow made me very happy, as it always does. Also, I am not a fan of children, but all of the little sibs and kids this weekend made me smile. I really enjoyed watching a bunch of miniature versions of people I know run around campus.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

I may hate children

I had my cousin up for sibs and kids weekend. I really was not amused for like half the time. I wanted to sleep, he gets up at 9 in the morning and turns on the tv. I watched like 3 hrs of spongebob and I really hate, in every sense of that word, Patrick. in the afternoon we play some halo and kinda just chill. did I mention more spongebob? Is that all nickolodeon has on? I don't know who created the monstrosity known as spongebob but I want to kick them in the face. I couldn't really go out or do anything either so it took every semblance of freedom that college gives to me as well. I really don't understand how people with kids get things done.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Slipping Away.

For everyone who thinks their lives are slipping away from them.

I agree. Life sucks. But it will get better. it always does.

Today i failed an art history test, cried in front of.. not one, not two, but three and more people (one being my boss and one being my coworker, and the others being my classmates) did not get the RA position, had a fight with 2 friends and had a gross serving of pasta.

But even though i have no idea how im goign to afford next year, and my job kinda stinks, and im far to overwhelmed and people dont like my art... nothing story.. im not going to be destroyed by it.... not today at least. Do you ever feel like this?

Oh mind stop

Stop spinning

Stop twirling

Stop aching

Be still

Be calm

Be silent

Always going

Always moving

Always quicker than light

Oh please stop

For just one moment

Give me peace

Give me quiet

Let me rest

And not be bothered

Stop planning

Stop organizing

Stop rehearsing lines

Just stop,

Please stop,

Slow down…

Just stop





I don't know how anyone else feels about taxes, but I hate them. I've tried everything from having a professional prepare them for me to doing them myself with TurboTax. I've even filed away all my tuition and W2 forms so that I would have all the info I needed this year and it still took over two hours to read through each line. Whoever invented the 1040 should be shot. Just my opinion.


I really enjoyed the last class when we were able to talk. I felt like I was on whose line is it anyways? I think that it is much harder now that we can speak though. You have to think about how other people would act and talk without overacting or being too cheesy. So I think that this is a challange but it is so much fun. We weren't able to talk for so long now that we can, it is hard and I dont always know what to do.


I was told about the eclipse a little to late to see it full on, but what I did get to see was pretty cool. I'm just kinda sitting around watching to stats page of a online text-based game called legend of the red dragon. Its a very competitive player vs. player game. If anyone wants to play the site is with no www. in the front. If anyone does decide to play I can explain and/or give a crash course in how to play. Well thats all for now. See you all in class.


So my last post from 2 days ago b4 class isnt on here, so that really sux!!! i think the problem is the wireless internet on campus, which really sux too. i'm sick of being in the middle of doing somethin online n then my internet losing signal and not working! the worst thing besides my last post not posting was when i was putting pictures on facebook and i put like 50 on there from a couple weekends ago, went through tagged every individual picture and added a caption for each (which can take up a lot of time) and as i hit the save button i get the cannot display page; in other words the fn internet lost signal!! so i had to go back thru n do everything all over again =( .... ugh i'm really starting to get sick of it!

stressed out

well i have a lot to say, but if i said it all this post would be extremly long. basically i just need a break from everything, from school, from basketball, from ASHLAND from hw, from everything. I just need some ME time and now days its really hard to find that. Im hoping within the next couple weeks i will be able to finally go home for once and see my friends n family. i really miss them and not having ne breaks here sucks :( but i will say that having class with all you fine people makes life just that much easier, so im hoping tomorrows class will cheer me up, so see you all tomorrow, and i didnt see the moon bc it was way to cold outside for me to go out and watch, im sure they will show it on tv somewhere , as now everything that happens is on tv...gotta love the world!


I too saw the lunar eclipse but it wasn't all it was cracked up to be. I was in the library and some old dude came up to me and told me that there was an eclipse going on so i went outside with like 20 other people and stood there freezing to see the moon a slight shade of orange. Ohio weather sucks....

Boy oh Boy!

So tonight I had to play the part of a caring awesome grand daughter and go out to eat with my Gma/Gpa and cousin who is in college at ATI Wooster. Wow! What a bore fest. I love my grandparents and my cousin but the grandparents can be kind of boring at times. We went to Longhorn in Wooster and then woohoo, they suprised me with Cold Stone ice cream so my week was made!!! See everyone tomorrow!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Everyday I stare out my window hoping that something will show up to take me away from this place. I've hit a slump and I like to keep up the hope that something good will happen soon but I'm slowly losing that battle. Everytime something good happens and it looks like things are going to turn around for me and that it'll get better some little thing happens that sends all of that shattering to the ground. I don't know how much more I can take but it looks like I have no choice but to hang on and see what happens...

What do I get myself into?

Does anybody else's life feel like it's exploding around them? I just kinda feel like things are slipping out of control lately. Like I volunteered to write a letter to a 7th grader for one of my fraternity brother's girlfriend's class. However what I did not know was that it had to be done in cursive, which if you've ever seen my normal handwriting will take me like an hour to do legibly. I actually had to look up a cursive alphabet to be able to even start. I don't use cursive, ever. How many of us actually do though? wow, this went way off track from where I started. I think I'm gonna give up trying to figure out what's going on and coast for a while. Seems like a good idea. Anyone else up for some full-life coasting?

a lil bit of everything

Hey Guys! i just wanted to let everyone know that life is pretty mich like high school......people are always are going to talk so might as well give them somthing to talk about lol. jk but i mean come on people really need to grow up .. so what if so and so hooked up over the weekend your just jealous that you didnt hook up with anyone haha lol..but still people just need to live their own lives and let other people live theres.. and tuesdays class was AMAZING!!!! i had so much fun .. i always have fun but tuesdays class was pretty sweet im not gonna lie lol.. anyways i hope tomorrow is just as fun .. see you there!!!


It is cold outside. I just got in from watching this pretty sweet eclipse take place. Its weird to see the moon red. I tried to take some pictures but I couldn't keep steady enough because I was shaking from the temperature, so I don't think they turned out very well. I hope you all got to see it.

people talk

So, I just want to say that I agree with Clint. Ashland is just like high school. Everywhere you turn someone is talking about what so-and-so did. I don't care if what people say is true or not (though it usually isn't), it gets really old. So get off the gossip train people, and find more important things to talk about.

On another note, I found Tuesday's class enjoyable. It was fun to finally be able to talk (although with my being extremely quiet I don't know how well I did with that!). However, it made class all the more interesting.

class on tuesday

I had a lot of fun in class Tuesday! I felt like I kept laughing the entire time... which isn't good acting but oh well. I like the fact that we get to talk now because it makes the situations we act in much more interesting. Plus you never know what twists and turns will happen while you are acting. I hope Thursday is as exciting as Tuesday's class was!
Oh Kevin that was a silly quote. I misread the date though and thought it was 1893 and didnt understand why they said squattin... i dont think they used that word then..... on second look it made much more sense.

oh and i will be out of town this week end so i plan on going next thursday... any takers?

Tomorrow it is International Beatles day... or so says facebook. In memory of them i think we shoudl all be extra creative and have an awesome acting class.

my favorite beatles song:

Blackbird singing in the dead of night
Take these broken wings and learn to fly
All your life
You were only waiting for this moment to arise

Blackbird fly, Blackbird fly
Into the light of the dark black night.

Black bird singing in the dead of night
Take these sunken eyes and learn to see
all your life
you were only waiting for this moment to be free

Blackbird fly, Blackbird fly
Into the light of the dark black night.

Blackbird singing in the dead of night
Take these broken wings and learn to fly
All your life
You were only waiting for this moment to arise,oh
You were only waiting for this moment to arise, oh
You were only waiting for this moment to arise

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Quote Homework

So I was thinking about how to change up my quote installment and still be able to catch your attention. This is my idea... The quote is called "The Squat" by Dale Clark in 1983. Here comes the homework part, you have to google it and read it for yourself. If you do then I will know you actually care about what is going on with me upstairs haha

By the way, I got my ticket for the play. I'm going Saturday and sitting in section 5. Is anyone else going to be there??? If you have not bought your tickets, please go on saturday and sit in section 5 with me! lol
I really enjoyed the whiz bang game, though admittedly I was not very good at it. I guess there's always room for improvement. Nonetheless, I had a fun weekend. Got to visit the family and go out for a while. My roommate had some friends over on Sunday for the Daytona 500. We were all rooting for his favorite driver, (go Dave go). Though he had a good run, he did have a crash towards the end of the race and was knocked to the back of the race.

High School

I graduated in 2006...or did I? Sometimes I wonder if I really did leave high school. I was looking forward to graduation and being able to be with mature people. Instead most of this semester alone has been so much of this "he said", "she said", or
this person did this" that I'm actually getting mad about it. I know that this sounds really stupid and a lot of you are probably reading this thinking "man I wish he would just stop" but you know what? I'm not going to. We graduated from high school and it's time that we start acting like we're in college and grow up.


Hello all!!! i just wanted to say good luck to Amy at her bball games!!!! .. o and i had really nothing to do this weekend.. i just had a meet this past weekend and i did ok i guess.. and i saw gwenn today and she told me about her long blog and she was like yeah was just writing and i posted it and it was super long . i doubt no one will read it.. well i did read it and i got to like the 5 sentence and i stoppped lol.. so you were right.. dont take it personal i just had a short attention span lol .. well thats my blog lol as lame as it is ... see you guys tomorrow !!!!

Monday, February 18, 2008


Thats an interesting question Gwyn, though most of your post has nothing to do with songs about rain. I thought of all the songs I have on my computer and two have to do with rain. Rain by Breaking Benjamin and The Rain by Broken Yoke. So you can add those to your list. Joe I really like the picture you posted it reminds me of the camp I work at. I am also itching for it to snow enough for me to go out snowboarding but noone I know wants to or the dont know how. So because of the lack of people to go with I might be going my first year without snowboarding since I was around 10. O well I guess there is still next year. Well I look forward to class tomorrow and I hope we play wiz bang again.

What a weekend

My weekend was on fire. I had Phi Psi formal, which probably is the most drama I've ever seen in one night. But it was good, ate some horrendously overpriced food and not even five minutes in managed to spill my drink but not on anyone. Hang out with brothers and random people until like 3 in the morning. It was a good time. Then played some floor hockey Sunday with an astounding victory. I love weekends.

It's winter?? Since when?

So I was just chilling in the eagle's nest last night when a friend of mine looked at my shoes and then looked at me like i was crazy. At the time I wasn't sure what was going on but today I realized that she was making fun of the fact that I was wearing flip flops in the middle of winter. It was 50 degrees out last night! who cares if I was wearing flip flops? At least I wasn't running around in shorts and a t-shirt (which I do quite often when it's snowing).

long season

SO basketball has to be the longest season EVER! We have 2 games left in our regular season, which are this Thursday vs. Wayne State, and then Saturday @ Findlay. That will be technically the end of our " regular" season. But we have qualified for the GLIAC tournamets and will practice all next week and then play on the 26th. I wanna do good in tournaments and go far, but its just been a hell of a year, and is starting to drag out a little bit. So hopefully well just do good and WIN! That way it wont seem so lonnng and tiring, bc my body is about to DIE! But thas okay bc i love ball, and thas why Im here at AU. and of course to get a GOOD EDUCATION! :)

I hope everyone had a good weekend, and I will see you all in class tomorrow, Im sure well do somethin exciting as always lol


Yo Gwyn you left out the best song ever created about the natural phenomena of rain. Creedence Clearwater Revival band more commonly known as CCR has a great song called "Have you ever seen rain". Download it everyone its awesome.


As little kiddish as this may sound my favorite stress reliever is coloring. Maybe it is because I am a future elementary teacher and it is in my nature to love those kind of activities... who knows. When I color I can completely shut out the rest of the world and focus on bringing a picture to life. So my advice is if you are completely stressed out and need a breather then color! I think reverting back to childhood when things were much more simple can be good for us all every once and awhile.


It is snowing again and I'm not sure how I feel about it. I really want to go sledding, snowboarding, or something similar but I kinda doubt it snows that much. This weekend went alright, I went home for the first time in about a month and a half so that was cool. The sky looked cool yesterday so I took a picture.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

How many songs are there about rain?

I have been in studio all weekend. I was supposed to go home with my roommate and have a fun weekend with her.. instead i spent all 3 days in a computer lab, or in the gross dirty sculpture room. My hands went numb on Saturday because i was power sanding, grinding and polishing my sculpture for a good 5 hours. That is WAAAAAY to long. Tonight i finished my metal sculpture as well as 3 computer art pieces and a mixed media piece only to discover that tomorrow i have 2 tests, Tuesday i have a test and a paper due and i have done NOTHING yet. err..

I was just about to collapse from frustration and disgust at myself for waiting until last minute to finish my projects AND completely disregarding any other class when i basically gave up and left a&h... for the fist time in days.. (or since lunch) I was just so.. not mad but empty when it started to rain. It was cool out... almost warm even and the rain felt wonderful. No one was around. It was just me and the rain. It washed away all of my frustration and rejuvenated me. It was refreshing, in an emotional kind of way. Anyway, i just thought today was a good day even with all of the crap i had to do just because of the rain.

About Kevin's quote. I think its a wonderful idea. And i think that many people strive to live life this way. Certainly many religious groups fit under the purpose driven life. there is a book with the same name... go read it- i hear its good. But as wonderful as it may be, i think that it is just a ideal rather than a truth. For every person living life purposefully there are so many others just wasting away.... but then again does that disprove the idea behind the quote or rather prove it further by providing an example of what happens when a life isnt lived purposefully.... hmmm... ive confused myself. well. ohkay. time to study for test number 1 out of 3379. wishing luck is accepted at this time.

Mary J. Blige- Rainy Days
Hilary Duff- Come Clean
The Weather Girls- Its raining Men
Tim McGraw- She's my kind of Rain (?Says my roommate- ive never heard of it)
Sting- After the rain has fallen
Prince- Purple rain

thats my list for now...

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Quote Installment #2

OK, so here goes my second post about a quote just to see how you guys like or think about it. Thank you Emily for reading over and responding to my last post, loved the input.

"The Purpose of life is a life of purpose." -Robert Bryne

Leading and going through life without a drving force or purpose to it makes no sense to me. Goals, dreams, aspirations, and whatever else you desire should bring everything you do to some kind of step towards that goal. Any thoughts?

Thursday, February 14, 2008

It is late

It's pretty late right now and I am still awake. I finally got a start on a speech I had to write and almost have it finished. I had no ideas for it for the longest time and I went to the student center and got away from everything to just clear my mind. I wonder if it will snow at all today.

Happy Valentines Day

well i wasnt sure if we were supposed to post today but oh well haha... all i pretty much have to say is that im sick of my team losing in basketball!! it is my fav sport and i hate losing but the past 2 weeks we have lost in like the last min!! ugh oh well i'll try n not to be soo competitive for now... well happy valentines dayy to all!!!


Why is it when you get work it comes in giant clumps? I have a 5-10 page paper due on monday and a test, a test on fri, and I have a midterm for history tomorrow/thursday. Why don't we just space it out a little so that I can go about my life like a sane person instead of ranting on about the morality of the founding fathers? Is it really necessary to have this all at once? I think not. I'm calling this my formal protest.


As I'm sure that most of you have heard there was a letter writing thing tonight in Redwood to send out letters. A lot of my friends came and wrote anywhere from 10-50 letters which is great. I however, not really sure why, felt the need to write 147. It's safe to say that I have no desire to write another letter anytime soon. I'm still not sure why I wrote that many but I figured it was for a good cause so in the end I guess it was all worth it!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

SOOOOOOOOOOO Far behind! :(

FINALLLY!!! I have gotten the blog to finally work for me, I swear Im cursed or somethin, I have the WORST luck with electronics! But ne ways, I have got to get on here sometime tomorrow and read everyones blogs, I havnt been able to log in to read anyones in over a WEEK! I am very interested in what has been goin on in everyones lives lately, and sadly class was cancled on Tuesday, I was DEVESTATED :( I can not wait to see everyone tomorrow and im THIRILLED to finally be back into Blogging. I will leave several blogs tomorrow and Friday about how things have been with me. But right now Im exhausted and have an 8 o clock tomorrow, and a game later tomorrow night (everyone should come we play GANNON...and its THINK PINK, in honor of breast cancer survivors) So.... in that case i will catch up tomorrow, since i can finally get back in . See you all tomorrow and good nite :)


I have been very busy these last few weeks. Last week I had two tests, one in chemistry and one in biology. I also had to complete a lab write up for them both. On top of that I need an A in both of these classes to keep going to Ashland, so I have been stressing out about them. Also Lifetime wellness is fricking killing me. You may laugh but its rediculous. Take your IUL class add fitness, projects, labs, and papers and you have my LW class. Im definatly looking forward to this weeks class. Fabio I hope everything on Tuesday went ok. See you all in class tomorrow.

My own personal snow day

So normally on Tuesdays and Thursdays I have 3 classes. Well for tuesday, I knew from the beginning of the semester that one of those classes would be cancelled. Then I got the email about not having this class, and I was like "Sweet, I only have one class now!" and pretty much everyone hated me because 2/3 of my classes were cancelled. Well Tuesday rolled around and I got up and got ready for my class at noon. As I am walking towards A&H I run into one of my classmates walking in the opposite direction. She stops me to tell me that our class has been cancelled for the day. So I was pretty much thrilled that while everyone else wished they had gotten a snow day, I had my own personal day off.

no class =(

ok so i was sad cause there was no class on tuesday.. but o well .. i just hope everything is ok ... so i kinda hurt one of my really good friends feelings and i just want to say that i am sorry to that person .. i feel so bad and i shouldnt have said thoes things.. and u wont txt me back ... so i hope you read this and forgive me ... im sorry =(

kevin's quote

I really like that quote! I think that we need pain (by pain I don't necessarily mean physical but more emotional) in our lives to keep us down to earth. When there is pain we know that life will soon turn and head in a better direction. If we didn't have pain in our lives we would not be appreciative of what we have or what we could achieve. Also if you think about it when you go through painful situations you are able to grow as a person because of your experiences. Life would be dull if there weren't downs to remind you of all the good!


So I don't know if we have to post for the class we didn't have on Tuesday, but better safe then sorry my moms always said! haha I want to share a quote with you that you may not like or appriciate. If you read it and ponder what it could mean to a person in different situations, then maybe you might grasp the meaning.

“…Pain is my friend because it had never lied to me. It never leaves me for long. When pain is with me everything becomes clear and life has meaning. I know something about myself. I see deeper. Pain makes me stronger. Fire fills my body… Pain is the great isolator, the almighty truth teller…” -Henry Rollins

SO, tell me what you think. It isn't meant to be dark and depressing, but to enlighten perhaps?

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Comment on max's romantic buddy

ok max, i kno you asked wat the girls think but i would have to say i think it is romantic, esp if that girl likes gray goose or has drank gray goose around him... so you should def tell him to do it bc it can be a nice funny romantic gift.

Monday, February 11, 2008


a buddy of mine is sending his girl a empty gray goose bottle full of candy hearts haha. I personally think its very romantic but girls let me know what you think. Not having class tomorrow is awesome too.

conversation hearts

Yes, I mean the little candy hearts that have words on them. Despite the fact that I am not a fan of valentine's day, I still love these little candy hearts. And yes, I do read every single one of them before I eat it. Some of them actually make me laugh. I'm pretty sure I just found one that said URA Tiger.....yeah true story right there. Anyways, my childish naive side still enjoys all of the cheesy little lines.


The nutter butter desserts in convo are amazing. I just had to say that because I ate one today and thought that it was worth writing about. My favorite meal of all time there, though, is the Mandarin Chicken Salad. Yum. I eat the same type of eggs every morning for breakfast, from the same line. I usually get a scrambled egg with cheddar cheese on a croissant with a hint of hot sauce. Keep up the good work, convo.

talking!!!! is my favorite

I am so excited that we get to talk starting tomorrow.. any one who knows me knows that I like to talk .. A LOT!! I will pretty much talk to anyone.. ok if I have a crush on someone then it takes me some time to work up the courage to talk to them .. cause I ramble … I think im even rambling in this post but owell .. Some… who am I kidding Everyone makes fun of me for my stories that I tell.. when I tell a story they always have something to do with the conversation that is taking place.. well in my mind they do.. then people ask me how the story I just told fits in with what we were just talking and then I have to back track and somehow I confuse my self in the process . so I hope this whole talking thing helps me lol … see you guys in class tomorrow =)

we get to talk!

First of all listen to how annoying this is! I just typed up my blog and then I went to post and it said that there was an error so now i have to RETYPE it! frustrating :( . Anyways I was thinking about how we have gone to class for four weeks now and we have learned how to observe what is around us and do what is real, what we actually see. I think that next class on Tuesday is going to be so different because we are going to be talking while acting... weird! I am excited for the next step!

Whiz Bang

I have no idea if I spelled that right but I rather enjoyed our game of Whiz Bang on Thursday. It was kind of tricky at first trying to remember how things were to be done and what you could do based off of what other people did. It was quite enteraining when we first started to watch the people around me and to see their reactions when they would use the wrong hand or the wrong noise. It was great to be able to stand there as a class and laugh together while still learning to interact with each other without actaully talking.

The Salsa Jar!!!

Let me just start by saying that after Thursday's class, I think we are all starting to get comfortable with oneanother and we arent really caring what happens because there is no right or wrong way to do what we are doing... is that confusing?!?! I really enjoyed the individual activity in class because it helped me to focus more on me and not the noises around me. I really enjoyed Melanie's rendition of opening the salsa can. I have never seen her open one. Normally, she would hand it to me and say "open this." Seeing her top rate strategy made me realize that she can open her own darn salsa jars from now on!!!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Paying Your Dues

First of all, Gywn, that was an excellent post! I hate following yours because I never think that mine is as imaginative I guess?

Anyways, I was doing some invoices today for my clients and got to doing some thinking. With each invoice that has been paid off I use a red stamp with the word "PAID" on it. It made me wonder about a few things. Jesus paid for our sins, our bosses pay us to work, we pay others for their services, bad people hopefully pay the price, and good people hopefully get paid in the end. I remember that everytime I walk into a gym that I am paying my dues along the road to becoming someone, I remember that as I pull all nighters or stay in and study instead of going out that I am paying my dues to make a future, and I dream of the day that I pay my dues at work while trying to provide for a family. Everyone pays their own "dues" in life, it is just that it means something else to each person. So keep doing whatever it is you have to do, as long as you are making your way to achieving your goals is what is most important...

Friday, February 8, 2008

growing older

Today my family is throwing a surprise party for my mom. She is going to be 60 next week. She's the kind of mom who is all knowing but forever caring. Normally we wouldn't be able to pull anything like this over her- we rented a restaurant out and invited all of her friends, including those who lived in her home state, and my sister is coming home from Alaska,- but she hurt her leg and has been going to therapy and junk like that- and she has no idea. I can just picture her now walking into the room filled with figures from her past, and present interacting and bonding and just having a good time. She is going to be so excited and so surprised.
It makes me think of my mom more than i normally do... how she was when i was little, how she is now...
The whole ordeal made me thing of our age exercise. There are going to be people everywhere from the smallest being hardly 2, to the oldest, being in her late 80's. It makes you wonder how people so different can come together and celebrate the same event. It seems strange to me. I am super excited to see my whole family together for the first time in years, but i think im a tad bit more excited to see everyone interact. I love it when a baby is held by an older woman... its just so reminiscent yet still a prediction of whats yet to come... i don't know if that means anything to anyone but it just fills me with... i think its hope. hope and happiness.

Thursday, February 7, 2008


The weather this past week has changed so much that is hard to keep track. Just two days ago, I was able to go outside without a coat on and now today when I woke up, I saw snow on the ground. I hear that is supposed to snow all the way through Sunday and on Sunday, be a high of 12 degrees. I think that if it was consistantly cold outside, then the cold weather wouldn't seem as bad. But because of this changing weather, everything seems much worse. Hopefully summer will be here soon!!
Once again i'm gonna comment about what HiltDaStilt had to say on his post, and i totally agree w/ him/ this weather SUCKSSSS!!! i hate how it seems like it'll start to get warmer for like one day, and then the next day it's freezing! Having to run outside everyday really sucks b/c of this and w/ all the weather changing i'm more likly to get sick, and thats one of the biggest fears that most runners have.

Safety Bubble

So, after class on Tuesday I feel like we're all getting too content with ourselves and the way that we do things in class. Hardly any of us have really pushed our boundaries to see what we are really capable of doing. I'm guilty of this too. I feel like if we are going to get any better and reach our true potential we need to help each other to step out of our "Safety Bubble". From what I can see we are all comfortable with each other so all that we need to do is help each other step out of our little bubble.

The Eye of the Storm

You know how the whole hurricane thing works.... its all stormy and yucky and then all of a sudden its peaceful, calm, relaxing... just good. But everyone knows that the worst is yet to come and as soon as the peace came, the ugly pokes back its head in and brews up a wicked awful storm. This week has been a hurricane for me. It started out awful and then just got worse and worse. Today though was just pretty incredible. not in the, everything was super, kinda way but it was just interesting. It started out with getting yelled at by one of my 3 bosses, and having my hair expand 300 times its normal volume due to this silly rain and humidity. I missed classes on Monday because i was sick so i had a butt load and a half of work to do and i was completely terrified of my art classes and how behind i would be and how i might have to drop out of school and live in my parents shed in the backyard and make a living selling macaroni necklaces. Luckily, i did catch up, a good thing, i never did get the hang of the mac necklaces... why waist perfectly good mac and cheese? After all of the chaos was over i felt relived and at peace with myself and the world around me... i felt content which was so lovely after feeling so lost and confused. Anyway, this is a super long way of saying, are the bad times worth it? If i feel so wonderful now in comparison to how i did this morning i have to say yes. And i know that something is bound to come along and let me not be at peace, and i will no doubt freak out and drink way to much caffeine in order to attempt to fix the situation, however without the bad, i wouldn't be able to appreciate the good. I'm in the eye of my own storm, and i cant wait until the next one comes along.

ohio weather

Ohio is the only place in the world where it can be zero degrees one day and then 60 the next. Everything about ohio is awesome except for the weather. If ohio had a florida like climate it would definately be the best state to live in. We have the Browns, Cavs, Lebron James, and Ohio State football and that's all one needs.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

weather grr....

Ok so about the weather the past couple days.. ok no the past month.. Ohio weather is the worst.. one days its cold and snowy and the next everyone is wearing flip flops and a tshirt to class. its freakin crazy. Then as I am walking to my class it starts raining yea I knew it was supposed to rain but the website I looked at said it wasn’t going to rain till like 3 well it was like 1:30 and raining so I was kinda mad. And so I didn’t think I needed a hood so I didn’t wear one because I did not think it was going to rain ..but guess what it did and who was soaked as she walked into the class room.. me !!!! grr… this weather sucks.. I just want it to stay constant for more then like two days

Mardi Gras

I went to the Mardi Gras Relay for Life "Fat Tuesday" party at the College of Business yesterday. It was a pretty cool event. The proceeds for this event went to the American Cancer Society, so it was for a good cause. They had music playing, good desserts, and good stuff to drink. It was cool to watch them make the bananas with brown sugar and then set it afire. After this they added it to ice cream. It was pretty good, odd tasting though. A hot topping with cold ice cream is something I am not used to.

Wisdom From A Cookie

"Progress is like a wheelbarrow; nothing happens unless somebody pushes."

This is the little piece of fun filled thinking thst I got from my tasty fortune cookie. Of course you could do all kinds of philosophical thinking about how this means you should rekindle your love for clogging and don't give up on becoming the greatest ever this time, or possibly you just need to move a wheelbarrow? I know that in my life there are a couple "wheelbarrows" that I need to start pushing around. Lots of small things get in the way of your goal and cloud your ability to obtain them. I think the best thing to do is to just load up that crap in your own "wheelbarrow" and get to pushing. Maybe people need to know that you can still be persistent at taking steps toward whatever you are trying to achieve while still being able to handle everything else. Each person can have their own "wheelbarrow" and make it however best suits their needs. Some may be big, others smaller, have a flashy paint job, possibly just primer, one wheel, many wheels, but the best thing to remember is.... if it gets to heavy or stuck, don't be afraid of getting help to push through those barriers.

Can't have a rainbow without rain...

So fun fact about me: I love storms. When it started storming last night I was totally thrilled. In fact, I opened my window and then made the decision to go out and run around in the rain. Some of you may think that was a poor decision, considering it wasn't exactly warm last night, and I could very easily have been struck by lightning...but I really didn't care at the time. I've been stressing a bit this week, because there has been a lot going on with classes and with life, so i just needed to escape, so to speak. To be totally honest, it did make me feel better.


So I feel like this week of classes has been long and stressful and it is only Wednesday!! This week I have had studying, papers, and other random homework. I shouldn't be complaining because up until this week I haven't really had much going on in my classes, but I just hate how all the work and studying seems to fall in the same week! Thankfully this class is a stress reliever for me and when I am in this class I don't worry about what all I have to do that day. Basically I can't wait for this weekend and I wish it was coming sooner!

My Trip Down the Stairs

I have never claimed to be the most coordinated girl in the world but I would like to think I can walk from point "a" to point "b" without harming myself. However, this was not the case on Tuesday night. I have a night class in Bixler and I was walking down the steps when I tripped and fell. Since I had my hands in my pockets, I was unable to catch myself as I crashed down a flight of stairs on my face. Talk about painful! After reaching the bottom, I stood up and did a check of all my body parts... hmm i said to myself, nothing is broken! It was at that exact time that the blood began pouring out of my nose and mouth...opps. After stopping the gushing, I walked back to my room where I took some Motrin and went to bed. After the stairs, I decided it would be safer if I just went to bed and didnt walk anymore that night. What a dufus!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Not Much Going On

Its been a relatively quite week so far for me. Not much is going on, outside the usual. Still going to my classes, taking notes and doing the homework. I'm still excited about my CS 499 classes project with a real company, and we should be getting more information about it today. I'm kinda hoping that this may one day turn into a job opening. Got a trip to Pittsburgh PA this weekend, so that should be fun.

Postal Service

Weird topic, I know but I have just realized how unreliable the mail service is. I have a boyfriend in the Army and since we can't talk on the phone, we have to send letters. I will get letters out of date and in a different order than he sent them. It also takes anywhere from 3 days to a week for a letter to get from here to Georgia. I just think with all of the modern technology that we have, our mail system might be a little better. I am beginning to refer to it as the Pony Express because I think there has been little progress since that time.

Boo to Browns

First off HiltDaStilt, i will remember you saying that, n remember when i say its not gonna happen. Theres no way the browns should've made it, they lost to the Steelers twice, and like i told you they would they also lost to Cinci, they just not worthy for that playoff spot. lol jkjk but for real... but yeah the Super Bowl was pretty exciting, esp near the end, and YAY for the Giants. Other than the game, pretty fun weekend w/ a bye week for track, so i got to hang out w/ some friends and just really got to chill.

Monday, February 4, 2008


I have never been more depressed in my life than when i found out the Brown's were not going to the playoffs. So many things had to go wrong for them in order to not make the playoffs and of course since they're a cleveland team everything did go wrong. However, I do feel a little better now after seeing the giant's beat the patriots last night in one of the best super bowl's i've seen. Next year the brown's will win it all and you can quote me on that


So my weekend was actually pretty great. I hung out with friends and watched 300 on Friday with some friends. Then we decided to go skating on the intramural tennis courts and I managed to fall and cut my head open.Saturday I hung out with people and got abused, I got bit and pinched and generally made fun of. Sunday was the Superbowl and the party at the house which was good. The NY Giants managed a great upset against the communist patriots. Overall a good weekend.
Hey guys!!!!!!.. about the whole pancake lol.. some guys are jerks lol.. and for them not to let you back in line was totally rude.. I prolly would have hit someone lol.. anyways I had an ok weekend I had a track meet this weekend and threw really well.. I think it was because I knew I only had a few more chances till the end of the season to throw a bomb lol.. and I guess Saturday was the day.. I threw like a foot and a half pr.. and this mark was good enough to put me in the top 25 throwers in the nation.. in division II.. so Im pretty happy.. I like to listen to songs that get me pumped up before a meet.. like ill listen to some rap OMG I love it lol.. and some rock and roll … when im in different moods I listen to different types of music.. I think everyone is like that.. well see you guys tomorrow =)

I agree with Michelle!

I really had no idea what I was going to blog about when I got on here. When I was reading everyone elses posts I realized that I totally agree with Michelle about songs and their lyrics. I think it is amazing how much a song can describe a certain moment in your life. I also think that when you listen to new songs they can really make you evaluate yourself and what is going on around you. Sometimes I wish I could put my emotions into words as good as artists can. In my opinion life would be boring without music.

lyrics to life

So this past weekend I think I listened to the same song for at least two hours straight, which is crazy I know. But has anyone else heard a song that just layed out everything on your mind? Well that's how this song was for me this weekend. When I listen to music, I tend to really focus my attention on the lyrics. Part of this could be the writer in me, and part of it is just simply that sometimes songs express how I feel better than I ever could. In fact, one of my friends told me to listen to the song I played for hours because she said the minute she heard it, she thought of me. So if I ever have lyrics posted on facebook, or in my AIM away message...there is usually something behind them.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Super Bowl

So I just watched the Super Bowl and to be honesy I am not a big fan of either team but I was cheering for the Giants. I was hoping that the game was going to be a good one but I didn't think that it was going to be that good. The final drive by the Giants was so nerve wrecking, but they pulled it off and stopped the Patriots for the win. I'm way to excited for not even being a Giant fan but right now I'm just too excited to care!!!

Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is on today. I will probably not even watch the game because I am not a fan of either team and I have much work to do. Most likely I will be doing homework with this game on in the background. I am guessing Brady will cap an impressive season tonight with 2 or 3 touchdown passes. Eli Manning has a lot to prove, but the Giants still shouldn't be counted out. I am not going to even try to guess a score or winner to this game, but congrats to whoever does win in advance. Do I still watch this game just to see the commercials that people will repeat for weeks after the game is over? We will have to see I guess.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

pining for pancakes.

Ohkay im sorry this has to do with nothing but im upset.

So today in convo i had a terrible experience. I had just gotten off of work and wanted a chocolate chip pancake really badly. I get into line behind some guy and two of his friends get in line behind me a good two minutes later. One of them make a snotty comment about some girl but i was really focused on my pancake to pay attention... i dont normally like pancakes but for some reason i needed one. Anyway, they start laughing and then one looks at me, like he turns around gets in front of me and stares at me and then says, "Oh dude she;s so mad! Look at her face!" What?! He was talking about me! So i listen to what theyre saying and they continue and they are flat out making fun of me, my furry sweater and my pigtails (i had read stories to kids in the morning and pigtails are like the uniform... deal with it... and i like pigtails. they are cute.) So they keep making fun of me... so i leave and get a cup of hot chocolate, i like that too, no explanation. I get back and they moved my tray and wouldnt let me back in line... ARE WE IN THIRD GRADE?!?!!?!?!?!?!??! er. ]i got my pancake finally and normally i would say something to them but i was hungry and more focused on chocolate than silly boys.

So my lesson for the weekend: If you are in the mood for pancakes and there is a silly boy in front of you in line, hit him in the face so he and his dumb friends dont make fun of you relentlessly right in front of you.

or something like that.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Music and Attitude

So I have always noticed that when im feeling down that I could listen to happy music and sort of cheer myself up, or when I am angry I would listen to something soft or soothing to calm me down. My mood generally depends on the music that I listen to I guess. So I have taken notice that since winter break I am listening to a lot more heavy metal and rock bands I guess. Anything that is intense or has good lyrics gets me pumped up to lift, or just tackle whatever project I am dealing with. It has been said that music like that creates violence in people. First of all, if you are violent in the first place then music won't make much a diference. Also, I think that just because someone enjoys something other than the "normal" music that they should be judged by it. I don't look at myself as a "violent" person just because I listen to "violent" music. Thats like saying that every single Hendrix fan did drugs and slept with whoever they want. Not true... So go out and listen to something that you may not be familiar with, who knows maybe you might something you like?