Thursday, March 27, 2008


i have not a cluw what we were doin in class on tuesday but im sure there is a method behind the madness. im interested to see what we will be doing again today...scared, but interested. it was kinda neat to feel how i was really into myself when he was talking about relaxing ur body. hopefully we do that again today :)


I felt so relaxed after Fabio talked us through our body. It was like after the tension left I could just focus on what I was doing instead of being concerned with my body.
When doing the exercise on tuesday, it felt a little strange because I actually did feel like I was moving through some sort of substance. I know that was the point of the exercise, but I guess it was one of the first times when I really convinced myself the substance/object was real. And sitting after doing the initial exercise felt funny...almost like I was floating or something. I don't think my body has ever been that relaxed! (I tend to be very tense...).
The substance activities were really unusual. They were hard in that the substance was anything you wanted it to be and it was hard to keep it consistent the whole time. Pulling the objects out of it was pretty easy though because I just kind of "saw" the substance and the object. i kinda want to know what exactly the purpose of these exercises are though since they seem kinda non inter-related a little bit.
I think that the substance activity was the hardest we had done so far. I honestly was picturing it in my mind but it was so hard to move like I was in it. It was also hard for me to keep my substance the same thing every time, I kept imagining a different substance. I hope that I can relate to the activity better in today's class.

Substance Activity

idk really what to say about this activity except its prob the least appealing to me so far compared to everything else we've done. but midway through the class i felt i missed something in the instructions, bc when i heard that we were imagining to be in any kind of substance i thought everyone was to imagine an individual substance that they were in so instantly was imagining one particular substance and i'm not sure if that was correct. but if that was what we were doing then i find this activity very confusing! ugh but we'll see how it goes in todays class i guess..
Class on Tuesday was pretty cool. We are really being forced to use our imagination and think in a way that is different than the normal mindset. It's hard to describe the substance that surrounded anyone. The exercises that we did made me forget completely about everyone around me and what they did or said. I get the feeling that is what the relaxation exercises were about...forgetting everything around you and focusing on the object and substance.
Id agree the substance activity was kinda weird at first but after a bit it seemed that i could see myself in it i guess i dont know it was weird. Me and Clint got together for our final and had a rather productive time with it i think. It should be fun. Well that all from me untill next time.