Monday, February 4, 2008


I have never been more depressed in my life than when i found out the Brown's were not going to the playoffs. So many things had to go wrong for them in order to not make the playoffs and of course since they're a cleveland team everything did go wrong. However, I do feel a little better now after seeing the giant's beat the patriots last night in one of the best super bowl's i've seen. Next year the brown's will win it all and you can quote me on that


So my weekend was actually pretty great. I hung out with friends and watched 300 on Friday with some friends. Then we decided to go skating on the intramural tennis courts and I managed to fall and cut my head open.Saturday I hung out with people and got abused, I got bit and pinched and generally made fun of. Sunday was the Superbowl and the party at the house which was good. The NY Giants managed a great upset against the communist patriots. Overall a good weekend.
Hey guys!!!!!!.. about the whole pancake lol.. some guys are jerks lol.. and for them not to let you back in line was totally rude.. I prolly would have hit someone lol.. anyways I had an ok weekend I had a track meet this weekend and threw really well.. I think it was because I knew I only had a few more chances till the end of the season to throw a bomb lol.. and I guess Saturday was the day.. I threw like a foot and a half pr.. and this mark was good enough to put me in the top 25 throwers in the nation.. in division II.. so Im pretty happy.. I like to listen to songs that get me pumped up before a meet.. like ill listen to some rap OMG I love it lol.. and some rock and roll … when im in different moods I listen to different types of music.. I think everyone is like that.. well see you guys tomorrow =)

I agree with Michelle!

I really had no idea what I was going to blog about when I got on here. When I was reading everyone elses posts I realized that I totally agree with Michelle about songs and their lyrics. I think it is amazing how much a song can describe a certain moment in your life. I also think that when you listen to new songs they can really make you evaluate yourself and what is going on around you. Sometimes I wish I could put my emotions into words as good as artists can. In my opinion life would be boring without music.

lyrics to life

So this past weekend I think I listened to the same song for at least two hours straight, which is crazy I know. But has anyone else heard a song that just layed out everything on your mind? Well that's how this song was for me this weekend. When I listen to music, I tend to really focus my attention on the lyrics. Part of this could be the writer in me, and part of it is just simply that sometimes songs express how I feel better than I ever could. In fact, one of my friends told me to listen to the song I played for hours because she said the minute she heard it, she thought of me. So if I ever have lyrics posted on facebook, or in my AIM away message...there is usually something behind them.