Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Food Watch

So while I was sitting in Convo yesterday and today I watched the people around me eat while paying attention to myself as well. I noticed that with other people some would have a lot of food on their tray but would eat very little of it. Others would only have a little bit but would eat all of it. As far as my eating habits go I found that when I eat in Convo I do the same thing almost everytime. I always get 2 drinks and I always drink out of one and then the other off and on, I never finish a full one before at least starting the other. I also always get a knife, fork and spoon even if I'm only eating cereal. I also noticed that everyone has a different way of eating food. Some of my friends are loud eaters and others are quiet. It was amazing to see just how different everyone eats. No matter how alike two people may seem they still eat differently.

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